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Book Review for Blindsided by Marguerite Ashton with a GIVEAWAY


by Marguerite Ashton

(The Forgotten Daughter, #1)
Publication date: July 13th 2020
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Young Adult


Diagnosed with depression, Lexi Archer prefers to continue outpatient treatment. But someone else has other plans.

BlindSided tells the story of Lexi Archer, an eighteen-year-old woman who wakes up in a hospital bed, handcuffed to the rail, and realizes she doesn’t remember what happened the night before.

After being released from the hospital, Lexi’s transferred to the Milwaukee County Jail, where she’s informed about her pending charges for first-degree murder.

Intent on proving she’s innocent, Lexi places a phone call to her stepsister asking for her help. As Lexi gets closer to the truth, she unravels ugly secrets about her dead mother that will change her life forever.

My Thoughts:  I just read a high school girls journal.   Her story is one that many live through, although I have been lucky to not have lived that life.    Lexi grew up with parents that fought.   When they finally divorced, her mother manipulated her to go against her father.  Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder was diagnosed.   All Lexi wanted was to live a high schooler’s life. 


Lexi is very likable but everyone else in this book let her down.  I wanted to take Lexi into my imperfect but safe house and show her what a family should be, how unconditional love works, and give her the high school years that she deserves. 


There was nothing easy about this book.   Blindsided is a book with many triggers, but it is a real book.   This is the life many live.   Mental health is a real thing and Lexi is a great example of someone who needed more support than she was offered.


I could not put the book down, although there were times I wanted to, it was a tough read.  


When Marguerite Ashton was in her twenties, she took up acting but realized she preferred to work behind the camera, writing crime fiction. A few years later, she married an IT Geek and settled down with her role as wife, mom, and writer!

Her blog, Criminal Lines: Settled Writer Past 40 is her outlet while building dollhouses and plotting out her next book.

Marguerite lives in Wisconsin and enjoys RVing.

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