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Review for Better to Trust by Heather Frimmer

 Better to Trust by  Heather Frimmer 

Paperback, 320 pages

Publication: September 21st 2021 by Wyatt-MacKenzie

Genre:  Womens Fiction, LGBT, Family Drama


From Goodreads:  When trust is violated, can it ever be recovered?

Alison Jacobs needs brain surgery and places ultimate trust in her sister's husband, Grant Kaplan, a world-renowned neurosurgeon and expert in treating her condition. But Grant is hiding a dark secret which threatens the outcome: an addiction to prescription pills. As Alison struggles to rebuild her life, Grant's daughter, Sadie, spends more time with a new friend. Frustrated that her parents exclude her from the conversations about her beloved aunt, Sadie makes increasingly risky choices which could endanger not only her, but her entire family.

Alison is also harboring her own secret-an extramarital affair with a woman. Her close call with mortality spurs her to take a closer look at her marriage, explore her newfound sexuality and figure out what she wants for her future. How will she rebuild her life and move forward? Can she find a way to repair her broken relationship with her only sister?

Secrets swirling around drug use and sexual identity must be dealt with in order for the family to learn to trust each other again.

My Thoughts:  I started this book one morning and could not put it down.   I devoured every word, every chapter, and every page.  I loved the characters, even the ones I did not like.   The storyline pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me turning pages until I read the very last page.    As I finished the book I just sat and thought about it.   Family is everything but what if I had been Alison, would I be able to get past what had happen to her?   I hope that I would be able to, but it would not be easy.

Better to Trust is told in the present time, Alison has had her surgery and is struggling to recover, and in the past, the reason for the surgery, what happened, and what Alison’s life pre-surgery was like.  I really enjoy this format as it gives the reader a unique look at the reasoning and logic behind many of the decisions that are made.  I could understand Alison’s feelings about her family, her life, and her future since I was familiar with what had happen leading up to the current time.  

This novel is a story of family, forgiveness, and finding yourself.   I will happily recommend this book over and over again.  

**Thank you Ann-Marie Nieves at GetRedPR for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


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Meet Heather Frimmer:
  Heather Frimmer is a physician—a radiologist specializing in breast and emergency room imaging. When she is not interpreting mammograms and x-rays in a dark room or reading books, you’ll find her writing. After taking an introductory writing class at the Westport Writers’ Workshop in 2014, Heather was inspired to write a novel. Her debut novel, Bedside Manners, was published by SparkPress in 2018 and has garnered rave reviews and multiple awards.

Heather is a book addict and not considering recovery. She reads nearly 100 books per year, mostly women’s fiction, historical fiction, psychological suspense and family stories, the more dysfunctional, the better. She writes reviews at many online outlets and right here on her own blog. Usually an introvert, Heather loves to chat about books with anyone, anywhere.

Suburban Connecticut is Heather’s home where she lives with her husband, a trained actor and middle school theater teacher, and their two teenage children. The three of them have caught the acting bug and there’s definitely no cure. Heather serves as their most loyal and enthusiastic audience member.

Heather loves being involved in book clubs: organizing, leading or attending as an author. Please reach out if your club is interested in reading her books. Her second novel, Better to Trust, releases from Wyatt-MacKenzie in September 2021.






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