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Review for The Light in the Hallway by Amanda Prowse


The Light in the Hallway by  Amanda Prowse


Kindle Edition, 343 pages

Published November 11th 2019 by Lake Union Publishing


From the bestselling author of The Girl in the Corner comes the moving story of a man whose life is changed in an instant. How do you start again when you lose the only love you’ve ever known?

When Nick’s wife Kerry falls ill and dies, he realises for the first time how fragile his happiness has always been, and how much he’s been taking his good life and wonderful family for granted. Now, he suddenly finds himself navigating parenthood alone, unsure how to deal with his own grief, let alone that of his teenage son, Olly.

In the depths of his heartbreak, Nick must find a way to navigate life that pleases his son, his in-laws, his family and his friends—while honouring what Kerry meant to them all. But when it comes to his own emotions, Nick doesn’t know where to begin. Kerry was his childhood sweetheart—but was she really the only one who could ever make him happy?

And in the aftermath of tragedy, can Nick and his son find themselves again?


My Thoughts…


The Light in the Hallway is my first book by Amanda Prowse and I am blown away.    The emotions, the love, and the family ties had tears in my eyes, love in my heart, and leaving me wanting more.   A man, now a widow, is learning to navigate life without his high school love and having to raise a teenage son as he readies for college.    There is nothing easy about this and Nick struggles, has triumphs, and disappointments but never ever does he not love, support, and protect his son.  


I love the two timelines.  1992 is a time I am familiar with and the way Nick, Alex, and Eric play, fight, and grow up is so true to the time.   The flashbacks to the time before marriage, before real life, gave glimpses into the reason Nick is the man he has become.    The way he was raised by his hard-working father, his loving dad, and with love shapes him into the man, husband, and father he has become.    The friendship with Alex and Eric is still strong in the current timeline, the love and support has only grown stronger.


The Light in the Hallway is a story of hope, family dynamics, growing up, and second chances.


**I received this book as part of the Amazon Prime Reading program.   The review is entirely my own thoughts.  


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