Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Audiobook Review for Blue Bloods Final Destiny by Stacy Eaton


Blue Bloods Final Destiny

My Blood Runs Blue, Book 5

By: Stacy Eaton

Narrated by: Alex Black

Length: 6 hrs and 2 mins

Release date: 08-20-20


Publisher's Summary

Julian Hutchinson walked away from it all: his job, his friends, and her. As Julian drives out west, he randomly stops at a roadside tavern and runs into some people from his past.

Lyssa Lakin helps her father around the tavern as she raises her 15-year-old daughter, Lorna. When Julian walks into the bar, Lyssa’s past crush on him hits full force, but even she can tell that he is far from ready to be involved with anyone.

As Julian and Lyssa grow their friendship, their past romance is rekindled. When Julian’s past comes back to haunt him and an old enemy shows up in town, Julian knows a showdown is imminent.

Will Julian be able to deal with his past and his enemy without destroying the new life he has created?

The gang is back for one final book where lines are drawn and quickly crossed, and Julian and Kristin will have to work together one last time to save people that they care about.


My Thoughts…

This is the final book in the My Blood Runs Blue series.   I have listened to all 5 books and loved each one of them.    The characters have become important to me and I have become invested in their stories.   Stacy Eaton wrote this final book to give Julian the story he needed and to tie up the story perfectly.  

Julian has needed to find himself for a little while now and in Blue Blood Final Destiny he manages to find himself, save Kristin, and reconnect with some of his history.   I enjoyed learning more about Julian, seeing him come to terms with some of his past, and figure out what would make him happy in the present and the future.  

While I am sad this series is over, I am thrilled that I got listen to Alex Black’s voice read me Stacy Eaton’s words.

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