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Review for I Know How This Ends by Amy Impellizzeri

I Know How This Ends

Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing (March 3, 2020)

What if you finally stop running away from the story you were always meant to tell?

From the award-winning Author of LEMONGRASS HOPE comes the highly anticipated follow up Novel, I KNOW HOW THIS ENDS.

In the spring of 2020, an ambitious journalist, Rory Garcia, gets detoured on her way to a protest at New York City Hall, and stumbles upon the commencement ceremony of a very special class, composed completely of 37 students born to women who were pregnant on 9/11. They are, in fact, the very first graduating high school class of true 9/11 survivors.

Valedictorian, Hope Campton, is scheduled to give the commencement speech for the class at Carnegie Hall, but delays and absences threaten to ruin the day. While Rory is waiting, a mysterious stranger tells her a time-bending tale about epic love, loss, and sacrifice, and suddenly the story Rory thinks she is covering only from the outside becomes so much more.

Take the "Did that just happen?" from Life of Pi and splice it with the parallel lives and loves Gwyneth Paltrow faced in Sliding Doors, add some ghosts of Sophie's Choice and you've got I KNOW HOW THIS ENDS, but you won't ...even when you get there.

My Thoughts…

Time traveling is an interesting topic that’s been written about many times.   Amy Impellizzeri has written her own twist on time travel with some intriguing characters and interesting twists.    She takes two people who seem to be meant to be together and puts them on unique paths.   They are together, they love each other, and have a child together. 

At the graduation ceremony for the 9/11 students, Rory who is a reporter meets a stranger that weaves an interesting tale.   She tells the story of Ian and Kate.   How their love developed, the trials that they went through, and the lengths they went to for each other.    I was entirely enthralled hearing her tell their tale and the questions that Rory asked.   Sometimes the questions were answered in riddles but other times the answers were so truthful that I had to take a second and think about what I had just learned about two people who I believe are true soul mates.  

I did not read Lemongrass Hope and maybe I should have first.    There were a few times that I felt a little confused, but I quickly put the story together and anxiously continued reading.     I looked forward to my reading time as I was invested in the story and the characters.  I enjoyed that Ian, Kate, Rory, Hope, and Dee all were able to share their perspectives as to their own stories.   It was easy to follow and fun to learn about their present and past stories.  

I would recommend picking up your own copy of I Know How This Ends.  

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Meet Amy…

After 13 years in the cutthroat world of corporate law, including a decade at the top Manhattan law firm, Skadden Arps, Amy left in 2009 to advocate for working women, eventually landing at a VC-backed start-up company, Hybrid Her (named by Forbes Woman as a top website for women in 2010 and 2011), while writing her first novel, Lemongrass Hope (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 10/8/14), and her first non-fiction book, Lawyer Interrupted, published by the American Bar Association in 2015.

Amy is an award-winning author and a frequently invited speaker in writing and transitioning lawyer circles. Her essays and articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Glass Hammer, Divine Caroline, and ABA’s Law Practice today, among more. She is a Tall Poppy Writer and the 2016 President of the Women's Fiction Writers Association.

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Amy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, three kids, and an energetic weimaraner, named Cocoa.

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