Friday, March 20, 2020

New Release Alert for Amber: Deja Brew by Mia Harlan

Amber: Deja Brew

Sabotage. Secrets. A brand new spell.
Just when Jewels Cafe is finally flourishing, and my three mates and I find our happily ever after,
everything goes wrong.
Someone starts sabotaging our cafe and I keep shifting into unusual supes. Mermaid, anyone? Plus,
my guys are acting weird—and they're definitely keeping things from me. Can they no longer feel the
mating bond that brought us together? And will we be able to save Jewels Cafe before it's too late?
Dive into the second installment of this quirky, why choose, small town romance today. If you love
happy books, humor and wonky magic, you'll love Amber and her guys.
Warning: Contains an unpredictable chameleon, hilarious miscommunication, an overprotective bear
shifter, a witch whose spells always go wrong, and some steamy time with more than one carrot. Do
not read while drinking hot beverages.

Amber: Deja Brew is a paranormal reverse harem novel and the sequel to Amber. It’s part of the
Jewels Cafe shared universe, which can be read in any order.

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