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BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY for Fall Into A Romantic Mystery Trio of Books

Fall Into A Romantic Mystery

With the temperature dropping and leaves turning colors, it’s time to get ready for the cool days of fall. And what better way to prepare for the long nights ahead than to download a great whodunit novel with a dash (or heaping helping) of romance. Below we have crafted a quiz to help you find your next great read, but be warned, the titles all have mysteries that need to be solved and villains that must be brought to justice. So grab a thick blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and answer the following questions to discover which romantic mystery you will want to “fall” into next.

1. Where is your perfect romantic mystery set?

a) In “small town USA”. The everyday setting makes the violent crimes all the more shocking.

b) The rolling hills of Texas where there are lots of places to hide.

c) In a historic mansion near the choppy waters of Virginia, giving the story a Gothic feel.

2. I want to read about a heroine who is …

a) hundred percent devoted to her family yet balanced enough to find success in her chosen career.

b) … intelligent and diligent, with a pressing drive to help others.

c) … currently in mourning after losing a loved one, but strong enough to take on any challenge.

3. Is your heroine in peril?

a) She may face down a bad guy (or two), but thankfully her significant other is always there to guard her with his life.

b) In my fictional world nobody is safe. NOBODY!

c) The heroine doesn’t face physical danger, but her emotions take a severe beating as she learns terrible secrets from the past.

4. When your heroine needs backup, who is she going to call?

a) Her BF who just happens to be a private investigator that solves crimes for a living.

b) A steely-eyed Texas Ranger who is known for delivering justice.

c) The town leader who is a successful businessman and pillar of the community.

5. My ideal hero is....

a) ...totally and completely devoted to supporting his woman.

b) ...dependable and incredibly strong, however, he has suffered a loss and every once in a while his vulnerability shows through.

c) ...steadfast, principled, and dedicated to his community.

6. When sitting down to read a mystery, the crimes should be…

a) … studied in a clinical, professional manner.

b) … frequent and terrifying! I want something that keeps me up at night.

c) … in the past. I like trying to figure out who the bad guy is instead of focusing on violence.

7. When the last page of the book is read, I want to feel...

a) … that second chances are not only real, but they can be incredibly joyous.

b) … a sense of deep satisfaction that justice has been found and order restored.

c) … tremendous hope and optimism for the future.


If you choose mostly As … then get ready to follow dedicated defense attorney Morgan Dane as she takes on her next case in Melinda Leigh’s What I’ve Done.

Morgan has been hired to defend Haley Powell after the young woman wakes up in a pool of the victim’s blood. And while Haley has no memory of the night and no alibi, Morgan is sure that there is more to this crime than a simple case of murder. With the help of her private investigator boyfriend Lance Kruger, Morgan inches towards answers all the while dodging threats meant to keep her silent.

My Thoughts…

The fourth book in the Morgan Dane series is amazing.     What I’ve Done is a complete story.     The book starts with a new case and ends with Morgan Dane and her co-characters solving the case.    I have only read 2 of the 4 books and I will say that I enjoyed this one more than the last because I better understood some of the characters relationships to each other and why they reacted the way they did.   Yet, each book in this series can be read without any knowledge of past storylines.

With this case, Morgan is paired with Lincoln Sharp and his history.   The case kept me guessing, kept me wondering, and kept me hoping that everything would work out for Haley Powell.   I was intrigued by how they could possibly find out the truth when Haley had no memories and only nightmares to go on.    But I knew that somehow, someway Morgan Dane, Lincoln Sharp, and PI Lance would find the needed answers to save Haley. 

Melinda Leigh is a go-to romantic suspense author for me.    She knows exactly how much to share without making it to romantic.   There is enough romance for my heart go pitter patter a little but it never gets entirely mushy.     Of course, the suspense is phenomenal.     The suspense is definitely what kept me entertained and turning page after page needing to know what would happen.  

Purchase What I’ve Done by Melinda Leigh Here >>


If you choose mostly Bs … then the lightning fast twists and turns of Mary Burton’s romantic suspense novel Cut and Run is just right for you.

Medical examiner Faith McIntyre is used to investigating grizzly crime scenes, yet she is totally unprepared when faced with a barely-alive victim that looks EXACTLY like her. With no answers and nowhere else to turn, Faith teams up with her colleague-with-benefits Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden. Together they discover decades old crime scenes, as well as new victims of a serial killer.

My Thoughts…

The crime in this book was horrendous.    There were so many secrets, so many unknowns, and so many mysteries that needed to be solved.   I couldn’t stop reading for fear that I would be close to knowing an answer and stopping before I read it.      I was entirely invested in Faith McIntyre knowing the truth about who she was, where she came from, and why this crime was so important to her.      The romance of Faith and Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden was intense and I liked that it wasn’t just about love, there was a background between them, a history that wasn’t so cut and dry and I felt the need to accept it and know that there was more to come for them.  

I am a Mary Burton fan.   When you pick up one of her books I know that I will get a book full of suspense, full of action, and some romance.    There will be twists and turns, plot twists, and it was all wove together perfectly.   Cut and Run is my favorite of Mary’s so far and I am excited to read her next book.  

Cut and Run is the perfect mix of suspense, crime, and romance.   Pick up your copy and lose yourself in a wonderful, amazing story. 

Preorder Cut and Run by Mary Burton Here >>


If you choose mostly Cs … then get ready to be transported to the windswept beaches where Mary Ellen Taylor sets her next release Winter Cottage.

When heroine Lucy Kincaid loses her mother, she receives an unexpected inheritance—a lonely old estate big enough to hold the secrets of Lucy’s family. Why did her mother never mention the mansion or the sea swept town of Cape Hudson? Who is Lucy’s father? And why is there a (literal) skeleton on Lucy’s property? With more questions than answers, Lucy turns to handsome local Hank Garrison only to find he has a motive for wanting the Winter Cottage all to himself…

My Thoughts...

I loved the three timelines.    The past and the present are always intertwined and Mary Ellen Taylor showed this perfectly.    The fact that the past had videotapes of the actual person telling her history just enriched the story.    I loved how Mrs. B. told her story while not really giving away the whole story.    As a high school student recording the history of an old woman for a school project, it was evident that she didn’t really know the treasure that she was receiving.    It was amazing that Mrs. B. saved those tapes, almost hoping that someone, someone who would understand the important meaning of them.     

Usually, I pick a time that I connect with more, a story I enjoy more but with this one I loved all three times.     The 1916’s are an amazing time, things were so different, yet it was proven that some things never change, such as teen pregnancy and true love.     1988 is a time that I lived in.  I can relate to the ways of that time, I know how life was yet the life of Beth was not a life that I was familiar with.   The rebellious young girl who had the world at her fingertips took a path that was tough and made it into a life for her and for Lucy.      Of course, the present time was where the stories all come together.   Lucy learns of her family, makes a life that she wants to live, and finds friends that she never knew she was missing.    

Pick up Winter Cottage.    Meet these wonderful characters and learn of their amazing lives

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