Monday, July 30, 2018

REVIEW of The Curse of the Fallen by Colleen Halverson


Catherine O’Halloran is going to die. Twenty years ago, her sister heard a terrible wail, a relentless keening that no one else could hear. Catherine didn’t believe her—until she saw a banshee crying at their bedroom window the night her sister died. Now Catherine has begun to hear the same wailing, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before the same banshee pays her a visit.
But Catherine has no intention of going gently into that good night, so she travels to Ireland for answers about the banshee’s curse hanging over her family. After a near deadly attack from a malevolent spirit, she meets Liam—a Fae sent to help her. Liam tells her the terrible truth: the banshee is part of a league of Dark Fae that collects human souls. If Catherine doesn’t find a way to stop the banshee, her and her sister’s souls will be lost forever.
Catherine and Liam must travel through the past and into the misty Fae underworlds for a miracle. But when Liam reveals he has his own agenda in this war of souls, Catherine must decide between saving herself and her sister’s soul or protecting all of humanity from darkness.

My Thoughts…

The Curse of the Fallen is part of the Shades of Fae box set, a collection of stories by 24 wonderful authors.    I’ve only read Colleen Halverson’s story so this is a review only for that.  

I love the paranormal, especially Fae.    There are so many ways a story can go when the Fae are involved.  This Fae book is set with a woman, Catherin, looking for her sister that was taken by a banshee and now that Banshee is coming for Catherine.     Liam, the Fae, promises to help her find sister but there is always a cost.   I was intrigued by his cost and wondered how it would all play out.   I loved how his cost was brought up throughout the story and how the ending played into the cost.  

This wasn’t a long book; it had plenty of details that brought the different settings to life and some unique characters that kept me guessing as to who would help Catherine and Liam stay alive.     I liked seeing how their relationship went from being two people who had to work together to achieve the goals they both desperately wanted to care about each other, pushing each other to get their own happiness.    

The Curse of the Fallen is an amazing Fae book.   This collection is said to be full of them and I am adding to my want-to-read collection. 

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