Thursday, December 14, 2017

REVIEW...Twisted Threads (Threads #4) by Kaylin McFarren

 Kindle Edition, 370 pages
Published November 20th 2017 by Creative Edge Publishing LLC

Akira Hamada, a beautiful Japanese geisha, failed at killing Kaito Mitsui two years ago—the same yakuza gang leader who destroyed her lover and forced her to become an assassin. Now, with his sister’s murderer traveling to the Caribbean on a cruise ship, Akira has ten days at sea to identify her target and complete her assignment as her penance, or face her own death.

My Thoughts…

This is my first Threads series book and I wasn’t sure what I was going to be reading.   The drama of who killed Akira’s sister was interesting but I was more invested in the romance.   How could a relationship that started as a lie work?   Would it work?    I had to keep reading to find out. 

I loved the characters.   Akira was intriguing.   Her skills as an assassin made her dangerous, thrilling, and an unknown.   I wasn’t always sure if she was being truthful about her intentions and found many times that I doubted that she even knew what she was hoping to happen.     Devon was great.   There were times I thought he was a tad naïve.   He fell for Akira quickly and seemed to just believe everything she told him.    His aunt and uncle were hilarious.    I laughed at Paul’s head in the sand attitude.   He seemed to accept everything at face value and not want to make waves.   Sara was crazy.   There is no other way around it.   From the very beginning she was off her rocker and full of drama.    

There were times I felt the story was a little slow with a little too much weird conversation between characters but just as that thought came along the story seemed to pick up and I was flipping pages unable to put the book down.    I’d recommend picking up your own copy and enjoying the cruise with Akira, Devon, and the rest of the gang.    

Thank you Ann-Marie at Get Red PR for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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