Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Way of the Serpent (Recall Chronicles, Vol. I) by Donna Dechen Birdwell

Published June 5th 2015

It’s 2125. Aging is a thing of the past, but personal memories and desires are now under corporate management. At the youthful age of 111, Jenda Swain is content with her life and her career, when an unexpected encounter with an old woman forces her to question her own identity, to try and discover the woman she once was and might yet become.

My Thoughts…

I love dystopian books.   The sci-fi aspects of them intrigue me.    Way of the Serpent is the first book in the Recall Chronicles by Donna Dechen Birdwell.    The premise of this book is that people have been taking Chulel, a drug that stops aging.   Along with the dispersement of Chulel the people are forgetting their histories.   Living over a hundred years with no or little recollection of the childhoods.    Yet, there is place that keeps memories for people…or are they replacing bad memories with the memories they think people should have?  

Jenda Swain has lived life as expected.   Working, taking her time off, traveling, and spending time with her grandma.   I like Jenda.   She was interesting, unique, and smart.    As she starts to put together missing pieces I was intrigued by her.     I wanted to know her history, her life story, and where her life would take her.    The romance that she starts with Luis is sweet, loving, and true.   They protect, respect, and love each other.   Despite their different lifestyles they fit together perfectly.     

The different countries that are visited in the travels of Luis and Jenda are wonderful.  I loved the descriptions of the buildings, the streets, and the people as they  make their way through Central and South America to find answers to their pasts.     When they made contact with people who they use to know I enjoyed the stories told and the things they learned.   With each visit or stop they learned so much about themselves and each other. 

When I picked up Way of the Serpent I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.    This is definitely an adult book where most dystopian books are young adult books.    I recommend checking this out.   The short chapters, the witty story, and the wonderful travels all make this a winner for me.   

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