Friday, January 1, 2016

Our New Love by Melissa Foster

Published December 21, 2015 by World Literary Press

OUR NEW LOVE is a FREE short story featuring Jack Remington and Savannah Braden, and it's ONLY available to Melissa's newsletter subscribers. Sign up here and catch up with your favorite Bradens!

My Thoughts….

Everyone who follows my blog knows that I am a HUGE Melissa Foster fan.    The Braden Family is definitely my favorite.   I love when Melissa writes a short story (or a long one) and it brings me up to date on the going ons with the characters from her books.    This is an update on Jack Remington and Savannah Braden.    The bonus is that many of the other Braden’s and Remington’s make appearances in this short story also.     It is great to catch up and see how their family has grown, who has gotten engaged, and of course who is finally married.

The sweet part of this story is that Savannah is pregnant and glowing.     It is great to hear how wonderful her life is.   The realistic part is that it isn’t perfect.   Jack is still fighting his demons and fears, Savannah is still working to calm him and accept his history.   Yet their life is wonderful and happy.    They complement each other and the love they have for each other is evident with every word and touch. 

Melissa Foster is wonderful in all that she shares with her readers.   Our New Love is a free book that was sent out with her December newsletter.      The link to sign up with her newsletter is HERE ( ).  

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