Friday, January 29, 2016

Speak No Evil Trilogy by Amy Richie

Published 2014

An Omnibus: Unspoken, Soft Spoken, Outspoken

"They call me crazy, but they can't see what I see."

Ren is just an ordinary, average girl. Her mother tried to kill her when she was six and then killed herself instead. Her father hid her away in a mental hospital and forgot about her. Oh, and she can see ghosts.

Okay, maybe not so ordinary after all.

My Thoughts…

Speak No Evil is a series of three books; Unspoken, Soft Spoken, and Outspoken.    There is nothing better than getting a series of books that you can start and finish without having to wait forever to get the next installment.     I was lucky enough to get all three books at one time.     I devoured them.   

The characters were entertaining and easy to relate to.    I found myself wanting to know what would happen to Ren, would she choose Toby or Tristan, and would she ever mend her relationship with her father.       The ghosts who visited her scared me at times, but I loved how they came and went from Ren’s life.    Tristan came into Ren’s life and was shady (so I felt).    I was iffy on him and wanted Ren to RUN RUN RUN from him.    Toby I was unsure of, he was mean but did have Ren’s best interest at heart.   

There were times throughout the story that I felt like I was reading a young adult story and times that I felt the story line was dragging or heading a little off the written path.     Overall I felt like the Speak No Evil trilogy was a great read with characters I loved and a storyline that I could not stop reading.    I recommend checking it out.  

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