Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Before the Storm (Stillwater Bay Novella) by Steena Holmes

Before a town is rocked by violence, the little town of Stillwater Bay appeared to be getting ready for their upcoming summer tourist season. In the midst of annual preparations for their summer festival, marriages are crumbling, friendships are barely surviving, families are growing and faith is being tested. 

Little did they know the hidden danger lurking amongst their tight-knit community.

This novella gives you a glimpse into the town of Stillwater Bay and its residents. You will see what their lives were like BEFORE the storm that rocked their little community descended upon them. 

My Thoughts…

With all the violence I am hearing about in the news at schools throughout the nation, I was unsure what to think of a series of books being written surrounding a shooting at a community elementary school.    I now am sure that I will have to read this entire series.  

In Before the Storm, Steena Holmes is introducing us to the families that lives will be forever changed when one young man causes havoc in his home town.   I enjoyed meeting the families, seeing how they lived their everyday lives and were normal people just like me and my family and friends.  They have issues, husbands who work too much, husbands who don’t pay attention to their families enough, and difficulty having a family just like the rest of the world.   What they end up experiencing will definitely rock their world and change their entire lives.

Stillwater Rising, the next book in this series, is due out later in 2014 and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.   This is a series that will tug at the readers heart and keep them wanting more.   I believe it will also be a series that will shine light on school violence and the changes that need to be made to keep children safe.   I will recommend this book. 

**This is a novella and comes before Stillwater Rising and proceeds from this novella will be donated to to help stop school violence.

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