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Book Review for Austin Heat: The One That Got Away by Amari Nylix

 Austin Heat #2

Austin Heat: The One That Got Away by Amari Nylix

Published November 6, 2023 by Temair Media

Taken from Goodreads:
  Cold showers are required for this steamy series…after all, it gets hot in Texas!

The second installment in Amari Nylix’s addictive new series, Austin Heat: The One That Got Away, will make you laugh out loud, gasp, and shake your head while you find yourself rooting for Jake and Rakell. See Dwayne and Jake on the football field and dig deeper into Matt's journey as more of their stories come to life in this series.

In book one, rising NFL superstar Jake “pretty boy” Skyler meets his match in saucy-mouthed Rakell McCarthy. Both are desperate to recreate themselves, each wanting not to be defined by their intense and consuming professions. Jake is looking for that girl, not the starlets and cheerleaders he’s dated since joining the NFL. Rakell is trying to figure out who she is when not playing up to her billionaire clients. In the rare moments when they let their defenses down, they can’t deny that it’s more than just a physical connection between them.

The Condors are in the spotlight as Jake, Dwayne and the rest of the team begin their highly anticipated season. The sports world is abuzz as Jake Skyler steps up to lead the Sacramento Condors. Rakell sees a clear path out of the escort business as more modeling opportunities emerge and her pursuit of acting seems within reach.

Facades are peeled away, and truths surface as Jake and Rakell must decide what is more important—protecting their secrets or giving into that Austin heat.

If this were a TV show (it is not…yet ), think: a naughty version of “Virgin River” hooks up with “Friday Night Lights.” Add in a little “Yellowstone” toothpick-chewin’ and you get the vibe of this spicy Austin-based series that follows Jake and Rakell, along with a host of other intriguing characters, as they search for The One.


My Thoughts:  Austin Heat is book two in a series and they must be read in order.   This book picks up exactly where book one ends and I love that it had a recap chapter at the beginning so my memory was refreshed, although I loved book one so much that I knew exactly where it had left off.   

 Jake, oh my Jake… He is a player that wants very much to change his ways with Rakell.  Rakell is finishing off her contracts and looking to start a new career.   Book two starts with the two of them living separate lives and trying to move on from each other.   I love, love, love that pull between them.  

 Book One is the book which Jake and Rakell got to know each other.  Book Two is much steamier and sexier.   There are twists and turns that kept me turning pages and blushing.   I cannot wait for Book Three to be available.  

 This series is perfect for the sexy sports romance reader.   


Thank you GetRedPr for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Meet Amari Nylix:  (taken from her website
Amazon bestseller Amari Nylix tells sordid stories revolving around tempestuous love affairs. Inspired by the secret liaisons of old west villains, heroes and the temptress women who lure those powerful men into their webs. She particularly enjoys it when the men’s armor is ripped away, exposing their soft under bellies known as their hearts. She relishes in the men’s pursuit of the soft, feminine kitten, only to find themselves shocked when she turns out to be a wanton minx. 

Years of traveling the globe, studying her human subjects as they let their emotions draw them into sticky situations, taking notes along the way, led her to write stories that taunt. Amari delights in sharing her torrid stories of heart-wrenching, epic love that begin with the desires of the flesh and evolve into affairs of the heart.

Amari resides in the finest hotels the world over, enjoying the attention of the men that dare. Little do they know, her motives are to reel them in, then use them for ‘research’ purposes. Her objective is always to dissect the hidden ‘sweet’ motivations of the men she writes about that are often disguised behind their alpha bravados. She makes no apologies for her pernicious ways. Her sole goal is to give all the minxes that follow her writing a fulfilling ride on the provocative, emotional, and often humorous train they bought a ticket on.

She currently splits her time between Austin, Texas and wherever the hell else she wants. She has an affinity for old hotel bars where she can be seen enjoying a cocktail or two, while she imagines all the saucy liaisons that were sparked within those walls. Her favorites are the Driskill Hotel (Austin), Palmer House (Chicago), the Hotel Del Coronado (Coronado Island) as well as the Hotel Rosewood (London).  When she’s not writing, she enjoys being served, by hot, ripped men…while doing ‘research’ for future books.




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