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Excerpt from Mirrors and Mysteries with a GIVEAWAY


Mirrors and Mysteries
Christina Bauer
(Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, #9)
Publication date: March 24th 2022
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Rapunzel meets Jane Eyre in the epic conclusion of this fairy tale romance!

Grayson Eyre has left her old life behind. She’s no longer stuck serving Lady R, a sadistic Rapunzel from the Lowood clan of elves. Instead, Grayson now teaches at the Thornfield home for shifter orphans. Even better, her boss is none other than the sexy alpha, Dex. It’s all good until a mysterious witch, Jocasta, appears in a nearby tower, demanding that Dex and Grayson discover the true nature of all Rapunzels. If not, Lady R will return to claim Grayson… and Thornfield will be wiped out by the evil Prism Master. Can Dex and Grayson discover the truth in time? And what will it mean for their growing attraction?

Secrets are revealed and feelings explored in this epic conclusion to the story of Dex and Grayson!

Fairy Tales of the Magicorum
Modern fairy tales with sass, action, and romance
1. Wolves and Roses
2. Moonlight and Midtown
3. Shifters and Glyphs
4. Slippers and Thieves
5. Bandits and Ball Gowns
6. Fire and Cinder
7. Fairies and Frosting
8. Towers and Tithes
9. Mirrors and Mysteries
10. Love and Ether

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Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #9



Dex and I sit before the hearth. Breakfast sits on a tray before my favorite chair. Maybe it’s because this spot is so warm and cozy. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that Dex and I are alone. But whatever the reason? An idea hits me. I stand before the fireplace and make my announcement.

“I thought about what you said last night,” I declare. “We should go to the lake. I could use my magic to raise another mirror and… things.”

This concept isn’t as crazy as it sounds. After all, I conjured mirrors back at the Bartlebee. Through those magical items, I know what happens between a man and a woman. Or in the case of me and Dex, two wolf shifters.

Leaning back in his chair, Dex kicks his legs forward. I can’t help but notice the bulge in his leather pants.

This is so wrong.

“Eat.” says Dex, his voice low and growly.

“What?” I can’t help looking at his length again. “We haven’t even kissed.”

That sly grin of his only deepens. “Eat breakfast, Grayson.”

“Right, breakfast. I need breakfast.”

Why, oh why, aren’t I sitting down?

“You need your strength, Grayson.” That growly voice is still doing things to me. “Take your seat or I’ll put you there.”


--End of Excerpt--

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Author Bio:

Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too.

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

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