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Cover Reveal for Blazing Hot Nights by Katie Mettner with a GIVEAWAY

 Blazing Hot Nights by Katie Mettner

“A story of loss, the fragility of trust, the importance of communication, and leaving the past behind so you can find a path forward and a forever love!”

🌡Title: Blazing Hot Nights
🌡 Author: Katie Mettner
🌡Genres: Contemporary Romance, #Ownvoices, Contemporary Western
🌡Formats: Ebook and Paperback
🌡Release: February 1, 2022
🌡Pre-Order link: books2read.com/BHN

 More information at: https://www.katiemettner.com/

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Texas cowboy Blaze McAwley has made a lot of mistakes in life. His biggest one is alive and living on the neighboring ranch. He can’t say she’s well, and that’s his fault too.

Heaven Lane is in trouble. Dogged by an injury caused by Blaze McAwley’s bison, she can barely keep her ranch above water. Her plan to use Blaze to save her ranch is the most fitting revenge of all.

Blaze and Heaven both need something from each other but working together has never been their strong suit. Can they put the ghosts of their past behind them when their past was supposed to be Blaze's future?

Blazing Hot Nights releases February 1, 2022 in paperback and eBook!


My eyes drifted to the ridge, where I noticed movement. Always on the defensive, my heart started to pound at the thought another bison bull had escaped. I let out a breath when the figure headed toward me was a horse and not a bison.

Great. Here came the worst part of Heavenly Lane. Or should I say, Bison Ridge? I darted back into the barn—praying he hadn’t seen me standing out there—and tucked the bucket away from the busy lips of Bert and Ernie. Usually, I would climb up the ladder and hide in the old hayloft until Blaze went away, but I didn’t dare do that with my arm in a sling and half a concussion in my brain.

My eyes darted left and right as Rapunzel’s hooves scattered gravel on her way around the barn. I didn’t want to talk to Blaze today. Hell, I didn’t want to talk to Blaze ever. I would never be able to look at him again without seeing him standing there naked with a boner the size of Texas.

I snorted, and my cheeks heated at the thought. I darted inside the stall with my Shetland pony, giving him a scare. Hunkered down, I stroked his nose and whispered into his ear. “It’s okay, Beaker,” I promised, my voice calming the pony. “I’m sorry for interrupting your breakfast. I’m just going to hang out here with you for a bit.”

I’d never been more grateful that I was tiny than I was that morning. Even if Blaze came inside the barn, he’d never notice me hiding behind Beaker like a coward. I rolled my eyes at myself. I wasn’t under any delusions that I wasn’t ridiculous; though I felt I had earned my cowardice after the events that had occurred over the last seventy-two hours. I was already going to have to reinvent this property. I didn’t need Blaze reminding me of what a failure I was before I could even take the first step.

“I know you’re in there, Heaven,” he called from outside the door.

I could picture him lounging there with his shoulder braced against my barn, and the toe of his cowboy boot braced on my land. They’d be real cowboy boots from Texas, too, not the ones you buy at the feed store in town.

“He can just stand out there all day and do all the yelling he wants,” I whispered to the pony. “I’m staying here with you.”

“I thought I’d ride down the hill and see how you’re feeling,” he called out.

I rolled my eyes. Like Blaze really cared about how I was feeling. All he cared about was when I was going to go belly up so he could buy my family’s land out from under me. That was never going to happen. I didn’t know how to do anything but run this ranch. My next thought had me gagging: He probably thought I’d work for him! Oh, he better think again! Been there, done that, wasn’t doing it again.

“Tex, Beau, and Dawn are riding the fence line,” he called. “I thought maybe we could have breakfast. I brought some of Beau’s famous sausage biscuits.”

I whimpered to myself. Beau was a fantastic cook. You never went hungry at Bison Ridge when Beau was cooking. Blaze knew how to play dirty.

Be strong, Heaven! You don’t need Blaze McAwley or his biscuits. You have Jimmy Dean in the freezer! Well, not Jimmy Dean, but some of his biscuits anyway. I snorted, trying to hold in my laughter. Hopefully, he’d think it was Animal, one of our notoriously loud pigs.

“I’ve seen more maturity out of an hour-old red dog, Heaven. All I want to do is talk to you. It’s not like I’m going to unleash Mr. Monster on you.”

I shot up off the hay bale and stomped to the stall door, throwing it wide open. It slammed shut behind me, and Beaker grunted.

“Keep your creatures and your monster to yourself, Mister!” I yelled out at him rather than getting too close, just in case he did whip out Mr. Monster.

Blaze strode through the barn door, wearing that famous Texas grin again. “Good morning, Heaven. I kind of figured you were hiding in here somewhere. I noticed you scurry back inside when you saw me coming. Full disclosure? It kind of hurt my feelings a teensy-weensy bit. Do you know what’s not teensy-weensy? Mr. Monster.”

I held up my fist and shook it. “Watch it, or I’ll introduce Mr. Monster to Mr. Fisty Wisty.”

He grunted in unabashed amusement and threw his arm around my shoulder to walk me toward the house. My pained yelp was followed by my body crumbling to the ground before Blaze even knew what happened.



About the author:

Katie Mettner writes small-town romantic tales filled with epic love stories and happily-ever-afters. She proudly wears the title of 'the only person to lose her leg after falling down the bunny hill' and loves decorating her prosthetic leg with the latest fashion trends. She lives in Northern Wisconsin with her own happily-ever-after and three mini-mes. Katie has a massive addiction to coffee and Twitter, and a lessening aversion to Pinterest — now that she’s quit trying to make the things she pins.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Wisconsinwriter

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sugarlipswi/

Website https://www.katiemettner.com/

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