Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Review for A Wish in Irish Falls by Jen Gilroy


A Wish in Irish Falls (Wishing Tree, #2).  by   Jen Gilroy 

publication: September 16th 2020 by Soul Mate Publishing

When you wish on a wishing tree, you don’t always get what you want. If you’re very lucky, you get something even better . . .

When Tara Lynch’s husband was killed on military duty, her happily ever after died too. Although she still wishes on her hometown wishing tree, she’s no longer certain it makes dreams come true. All Tara wants is to somehow move forward without the love and family of her own she’d counted on.

Walker Cavanagh’s the new veterinarian in town. After his fiancée’s death in a car accident he’s sure was his fault, he won’t get close to another woman to get hurt, or hurt her. As for wishes, they won’t bring back his lost love.

Yet, as Tara and Walker work together on a fundraising event to train service dogs for veterans, they find they have more in common than they think—and are soon more than a little hot and bothered.

With some wishing tree magic, can Tara and Walker face their biggest fears and open their hearts to each other . . . and find a new beginning in Irish Falls? 


My Thoughts…


I want my community to have a wishing tree.   A place to write down my hopes, dreams, and wishes all while staying anonymous.   The tree is a place to have dreams, to hope for a better future, and to wish for love and happiness.  


The story of Tara and Walker is fun to read.   The characters are realistic with lives that real people could live.    Walker has been burned by his fiancée’s death and fears that the reason for her death is all his fault.   This breaks my heart.  Walker has so much love to give to just the right person and Tara is that person.      Tara has also lost someone important to her but does not blame herself for his death.    Walker is just the person to let Tara’s heart open up and learn to love again.  


Everything about A Wish in Irish Falls is wonderful.   The small-town setting, the gossip and protective community, and the wishing tree bringing hope to Tara and Walker.

I recommend picking up your own copy and enjoying this sweet and loving story.


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