Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Review for Rules for Moving by Nancy Star

Rules for Moving
Kindle Edition, 412 pages
Expected publication: May 19th 2020 by Lake Union Publishing

From bestselling author Nancy Star comes a deeply moving novel about the truths we hide from others and the lies we tell ourselves.
To the outside world, beloved advice columnist Lane Meckler has all the answers. What no one knows is that she also has a secret: her life is a disaster, and it’s just gotten worse. Her husband, whom she was planning to leave, has died in a freak accident. Her six-year-old son, Henry, has stopped speaking to everyone but her. Lane’s solution? Move. Growing up, that was what her family did best.
But when she and Henry pack up and leave, Lane realizes that their next home is no better, and she finally begins to ask herself some hard questions. What made her family move so often? Why has she always felt like an outsider? How can she get Henry to speak?
On a journey to help her son find his voice, Lane discovers that somewhere along the way she lost her own. If she wants to help him, she’ll need to find the courage to face the past and to speak the truth she’s been hiding from for years.

My Thoughts…
From the very beginning I could tell that there were many layers to this story.   Each layer seems to play into another layer and as those layers start coming apart there are many ah-huh moments.    For some reason, with this story I did not try to solve the story.  I let Nancy Star tell the story and I happily followed along with it.   There were times that I was surprised at where I was taken and times that I was shocked that I did not see what was happening coming.   
Henry was “the character” for me.  I loved that he got his own voice and got to tell his story from his own point of view.   The misuse of words was perfect for his age, the following the rules was true to a young child, and the love he felt for his mother made my heart full.    Henry had an interesting story to tell and an interesting perspective on many adult issues.   He took things his own way, handled them the only way he could, and was still a lovable, fun little boy.   
Rules for Moving is my first book by Nancy Star and I will be looking forward to more from her.  
** Thank you Ashley Vanicek at Amazon Publishing and NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.
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