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Review for The Perfect Love Song by Patti Callahan Henry

The Perfect Love Song: A Holiday Story
Published October 12th 2010 by Vanguard Press
Jimmy Sullivan has been living on the road with his brother, Jack, and his band The Unknown Souls. Without a place to call home, Jimmy and Jack lead a nomadic life filled with music and anonymous cities. When they return to a place Jimmy never wants to see again—their old hometown of Seaboro, South Carolina—he falls in love with Charlotte Carrington. With his soul now filled with hope, Jimmy writes his first love song. When he performs it at a holiday concert to a standing ovation, the lyrics are dubbed the “Perfect Love Song,” so much so that Jimmy finds himself going on tour with famous country music stars, catapulted into a world where the trappings of fame and fortune reign supreme.

All too soon, the hope that had once inspired Jimmy to write such beautiful, genuine lyrics is overshadowed by what the song can do for him and his career. In his thirst for recognition, he agrees to miss Jack’s wedding in Ireland to sing at a Christmas Eve concert. And his ties to Charlotte seem to be ever so quickly slipping away.

Alone in New York City on Christmas Eve, Jimmy finally sees—with the help of a Christmas miracle or two—that his material gains are nothing compared to love, that he is losing all that really matters in his life. Is it too late to find his way to Ireland, to his brother, and to love?

My Thoughts…

A band on the road with their loved ones left home to hold down the fort is a story that I have heard.    This is different because while most of the band goes home to get ready to celebrate Christmas and an upcoming wedding, Jimmy chooses to go on his own and find his own way.   The journey opens his eyes to what is important and what he needs to do to make himself happy.  

I love the band.   They are more than a band; they are family who love each other entirely.   They will do anything they can to help each other out and support each other.   They have relationships outside of the band that are just as important, and they make them priorities even when they are touring.    I liked seeing the nurture those relationships and going out of their way to spend time with each other, support each other, and love each other.  

The Perfect Love Song is a cute and quick read.   It is a great Christmas story that ends with a wonderful wedding in a beautiful setting.    This is not my favorite Patti Callahan Henry book but it is sweet and fun to read.

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