Friday, April 27, 2018

REVIEW of Too Close to Breathe (Frankie Sheehan #1) by Olivia Kiernan

Perfect for fans of Tana French, Jane Casey and Gillian Flynn


Polished. Professional. Perfect. Dead. Respected scientist Dr Eleanor Costello is found hanging in her immaculate home: the scene the very picture of a suicide.


DCS Frankie Sheehan is handed the case, and almost immediately spots foul play. Sheehan, a trained profiler, is seeking a murderer with a talent for death.


As Frankie strives to paint a picture of the killer, and their victim, she starts to sense they are part of a larger, darker canvas, on which the lines between the two blur.

Olivia Kiernan's debut is a bold, brilliant thriller that will keep you guessing and leave you breathless.

My Thoughts...

WOW... This is a debut book by Olivia Kiernan.     DCS Frankie Sheehan has a lot going on.    She is working on solving a string of crimes while also dealing with a crime that happen against her.     There is no doubt the crime against her left her with many issues to deal with but working is helping her get on with her life.   I like that a Frankie didn't let her issues keep her out of living life.    I actually think that because of what happen it helps her keep prospective of the crimes, sees things other have or could have missed, and work harder to solve a crime that others have written off as unsolvable.   

I was enthralled from the beginning and by the halfway point of the story I thought I had the case solved.    Yea, well I wasn't even close.    I love being wrong while reading.     The hints led me one way while I should have gone the other way.      While there were some hints that I knew were taking me the wrong direction since what fun would it be to give it all away at the beginning of the story I couldn't help but follow them.   

I am a synopsis and cover person.   For me to want to read a book the cover has to grab my attention.   The cover of Too Close to Breathe did just that.   I look at the cover and saw a mystery, a thriller, and a dark story that I couldn't wait to pick up.    Then when I read the synopsis and Olivia Kiernan was compared to such amazing authors as Tana French and Gillian Flynn I knew that I would not be able to pass on this book. 

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