Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Release Blitz for Fae's Captive by Isra Sravenheart


FAE'S CAPTIVE by Isra Sravenheart is out now. Check out the dark romance and be sure to order your copy today!

Title: Fae’s Captive

Author: Isra Stravenheart

Genre: Dark Fantasy

About Fae’s Captive:

Elias's confession has left Katerina reeling but more so Lucien and Katerina are dealing with the fall out following Elias's involvement with the dark fae being common knowledge.   Lucien is less than impressed but he's in a better mood when Katerina announces to him she is keeping her distance from Elias. Now Elias has even more reason to hate Lucien as he's slowly getting closer to Katerina.   Imagine Elias's annoyance when he catches Lucien and Katerina in a state of undress. However Elias there purely on business as a detail has turned up regarding Siobhian's disappearance. Katerina makes herself scarce as Lucien and Elias discuss this latest piece of news but Elias isn't giving up.   He lures Katerina to his place in the hope they can finally reconcile their differences- only it's under false pretenses which Katerina quickly works out and is furious with him over it, but she has little time to react when she and Elias are ambushed at his apartment.   With Katerina and Elias lying comatose on the floor of the dark fae caves, they have to put aside all of their issues when an old enemy just might prove useful to them.   Embarking on a dangerous unprecedented trip to the fae realm Elias, Katerina and their unlikely friend make their way to the infamous fae land in the hope they might finally resolve the conflicts between the rogue dark fae operatives and the counsel members who still remain in the dark as to who is really running the show.

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Catching Up with the Series:

Burned By the Fae

About the Author:

  I'm not very good at talking about myself in the third person. Isra is an eccentric author whose heart resides with the dark fantasy but also the paranormal genres. Cats and coffee are her main interests. She's also a pretty badass witch and often envisions new adventures involving dragons, witches, warlocks and really likes villains. When she's not writing she's rewatching Supernatural for the umpteenth time and thirsting over Jensen Ackles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣  

Connect with the Author:

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