Monday, August 21, 2023

Cover Reveal for The Truth About Sunsets by Lacy Lorraine


Lacey Lorraine  has revealed the cover

for The Truth About Sunsets!

Releasing September 12, 2023

For eighteen years, Lenore's parent-regulated life has centered around one thing only: competitive gymnastics. Lots of girls change their minds a dozen times while growing up. They want to be a princess, a veterinarian, a movie star, an astronaut. Not Lenore. Since she was five years old, her one and only goal was to be just like Shannon Miller. She might be nearly good enough to compete in the Olympics, but it's come at a price. When her relationship with her parents hits a low point, it's just in time to decide on college, and she and her twin sister Raven know exactly where they want to be. Boston is as beautiful as it is appealing, in that it is far, far away from Louisiana and their strict parents.

It turns out that when you're not being smothered by rules, you can have quite a few life experiences. Just not necessarily the good kind. What follows is four years of self-discovery, love, growth, heartache, and loss. Tragedy strikes, bonds are tested, and familial secrets come to light. So when a devastating accident happens that changes the entire course of Lenore's life, she's not so sure that she has what it takes to rise from the ashes. How does one simply walk away from a dream after spending a lifetime working towards it, with no regard for anything else?

Half coming-of-age novel, half love letter to Boston, this story is about the love that only exists between sisters and the best of friends, the inner strength that comes from surviving painful experiences, and a prince that's worth kissing a few frogs for.

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Meet Lacey Lorraine 

Lacey Lorraine has been writing since she was a child, be it essays, short stories, blog posts, or journal entries. As an Army Brat, she has lived all over, including Alaska and Bahrain, and it shaped her love for travel and adventure. After a lifetime of being a voracious reader, she finally took the plunge and became an author, and it has been the most difficult and rewarding journey of her life. Currently, she is married to her high school sweetheart and they live in Florida with their children and pets...and Lacey's thousand-book collection. 


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