Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Book Review for Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft

 Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft 

Genre:  Mystery Thriller, Psychological Thriller

Publication: February 14th 2023 by Berkley Books


Taken from Goodreads:  A compelling debut novel about an ambitious woman who, after a lifetime of conning alongside her mother, wants to leave her dark past behind and marry the heir to one of the country's wealthiest families.

Like any enterprising woman, Bea knows what she’s worth and is determined to get all she deserves—it just so happens that what she deserves is to marry rich. After a lifetime of forced instruction in the art of swindling men by her mother, Bea wants nothing more than to escape her shadow, close the door on their sordid past, and disappear safely into old-money domesticity.

When Bea finds her final mark in the perfectly dull blue-blooded Collin, she’s ready to deploy all her tricks one last time. The challenge isn’t getting the ring, but rather the approval of Collin’s family and everyone else in their tax bracket, particularly his childhood best friend Gale. Going toe-to-toe with Gale isn’t a threat to an expert like Bea, but what begins as an amusing cat-and-mouse game quickly develops into a dangerous chase. As the truth of Bea’s past threatens to come roaring out, she finds herself racing against the clock to pass the finish line before everything is exposed.


My Thoughts:  Bea wants to be someone.   She wants to be someone rich and is willing to do what needs to be done to get there.   She sets her sights on Collin Case.  Collin is rich and has a successful family business to work at…the perfect husband. 


Stone Cold Fox is an amazing psychological thriller.   Bea is working to be someone, and the other woman is working to stop that from happening.   There are lies told, secrets revealed, so many twists and turns that I could not stop reading.   I was not always sure that I wanted Bea to come out the on top, but I knew that I did not want the other woman to win.


 Rachel Koller Croft’s debut book is phenomenal.   I will be on the lookout for her next book.   This book kept me reading, turning pages, and wanting more.   It started out as a gold-digger story and turned into so much more.   


Thank you Berkley for a copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Meet Rachel Koller Croft  (taken from her website):
  Rachel Koller Croft is a novelist and screenwriter in Los Angeles where she has scripted projects for Blumhouse, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Comedy Central, among others. She lives by the beach with her husband, Charles, and their rescue pitbull, Juniper.

Stone Cold Fox, coming February 14, 2023 from Berkley & Penguin Random House, is Rachel’s debut novel and AVAILABLE TO PREORDER.

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