Monday, November 9, 2020

Review for The Dawn of Unions (The Cycle of Bones) by J.P. Corwyn


The Dawn of Unions (The Cycle of Bones) by J.P. CorwynLauren Xena Campbell (Editor),  Gwen Hernandez 

Kindle Edition, 180 pages

Published November 19th 2019


No simple man is ever really simple. Nobody is just “the hero” or “the soldier.” We all walk many different paths to get to “that moment” – the one that defines …The one that tests our mettle in front of strangers, and beneath the burning spotlight of our own mind’s eye.

Kaith and his fellow arms-men are the only thing between the remaining villagers of Westsong, and the in-flowing tide of monsters that seek their deaths.

The Countess of Thorion herself, owns this village, and arrived for the annual autumn festival three days ago.

Against all advice, stand or fall; she has decided that she will stay to help defend the little lives of the ordinary folk that call this orchard town home.

Then again; there are no such things as little lives, are there? Nobody is ever really as simple as they seem. Nobody is just “the farmer,” or “the forester,” are they?

Smiths, Grooms, Soldiers, and Squires must survive desertion, despair, and death if they are to save themselves, let alone anyone else.

In Thorion County, there’s only ever really one constant.

“When the Falx finally comes for you; no one can help you. The best you can hope for is to make your life, make your death mean something.” 


My Thoughts…

It says this is 180 pages in Kindle but it took me less then 10 minutes to read it.   I felt like it was more of a synopsis to what was coming in the rest of the story but there was no rest of the story.   It ended.   I am not entirely sure what I think or if I want more.  Yet, I am intrigued as to what might come next in this story.   

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  1. Hi- WHere did you get your copy? I've read Dawn of Unions, from Amazon and it's over 30k words.

    1. I received my copy from the a PR Company that works with the author.