Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Cover Reveal for Painting the Lines by Ashley R. King

Today we have the cover reveal for Ashley R. King’s PAINTING THE LINES! Check it out and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Title: Painting the Lines

Author: Ashley R. King

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: August 25th

About Painting the Lines:

Amalie Warner wants another shot to prove that she can be a successful writer. After hitting the bestseller’s list nine years ago, she’s lost her spark. Feeling pressure from her father to leave her writing behind and to work for her family’s lucrative hotel business, she’s desperate to find inspiration for her next big idea, something that challenges and excites her, something real. Enter Julian Smoke, a failed tennis player making a dream run for the US Open. After a chance meeting at a bar, Amalie hates him instantly. He’s cocky and arrogant, but Amalie knows his story could be her big break. Could he be more? Everyone knows that in tennis, love means zero, but these two are about to change that. Perfect for fans of The Hating Game and Wimbledon.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

Careful to wipe away his shocked expression, he rested his elbows on his knees. “All right, rich girl. I’ll play, but first tell me what you need me for.” Amalie’s eyes sparkled with a hint of excitement. “I write fiction, and I want you to be the main character in my next book.” “You want to write about me?” He almost felt flattered. Almost. But something told him Amalie Warner wasn’t the flattering type. “Well, you but not really you. It’s fiction, so it’s kind of going to be based around you, about a loser who’s down and out—” “What?” “I mean, a guy who’s…well, a guy who’s going to try for the unthinkable.” “Wow, your belief in me is overwhelming. Really. It’s enough to bring me to my knees.” Julian clutched his chest like he was actually overwhelmed by her words. What the girl didn’t know was that he’d pretty much do anything short of becoming a gigolo to have another shot at his dream. Despite that, he couldn’t help the impending word vomit that trailed out of his mouth. “Why don’t you just get one of your father’s tennis buddies to help you? I don’t see why you need me specifically?” Amalie brought a slim, pale finger to her necklace, an absent look in her eyes. “My father’s tennis buddies don’t have the underdog vibe I need. You do. Besides, I feel like your success will equal my success.” “Meaning?” “You had a gazillion fans and most of them still love you and still talk about how they wish you hadn’t quit the game. They’d love to see your comeback. I can totally see it now.” Her hands stretched above her in an imaginary line, “Based on the comeback journey of Julian Smoke. It would sell because you already have that built-in fan base.” “Will your writing make it sell?” “Since I’m writing about a real person, yes, it will. That’s where I do my best work.” Her voice was smug, her head held proudly. Julian rubbed his chin. “So, you’re thinking you’ll get the bestseller you need? And you can guarantee that you’ll be able to fund my run for the US Open?” Amalie responded with a sharp nod. He shouldn’t trust her. He knew that. Her kind of people—people with more money than God—repulsed him. For them, money could buy anything. Even other people. And there he was, on the brink of being bought. Julian stared at Amalie. Her eyes were crystals, impossible to look away from as two glaciers. Damn. He was probably going to regret this, but he extended his hand anyway. “I’m in,” he said. “But I still don’t like you.” Amalie gave a wry smile that convinced him she was used to getting her way, then she wrapped her tiny fingers around his larger ones in a surprisingly firm shake. “The feeling’s mutual."  

About the Author:

Ashley King is a middle school English teacher whose love of the written word began when her mom took her to the public library, letting her check out stacks of books taller than she was. She’s the least athletic person you’ll ever meet, but that doesn’t decrease her love for tennis. She loves swoony romances and is addicted to sweet tea. When she’s not teaching or writing happily ever afters, she can be found snuggled up with a book, travelling, or quoting obscure lines from her favorite movies and tv shows. She lives in a small town in Georgia with her husband, a former college tennis player with crazy amazing calves (yeah most of her male heroes have those calves), and their sweet and chatty spoiled cat, Cleo.

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