Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Review for Mermaid's Song (Dark Sea Academy Book 1) by Stacy Claflin

Kindle Edition
Published July 9th 2019

I live a double life—and it’s about to tangle me in its net.
I'm Marra Ayers, a mermaid pretending to be human. Or at least, I was. It's over now that my uncle died, making my dad the new king of Valora. My parents are dragging me away from the life I love to our undersea kingdom. And to make matters worse, everybody hates us.
My parents send me straight to the Dark Sea Academy, where the building is creepy and the students are worse. The dean pairs me with a student to show me the ropes.
I get stuck with Bash, who’s one wrong move from being expelled, and showing me around is his latest punishment. He’s as gorgeous as he is arrogant. And an incredible guitarist, as it turns out. Not that it matters. We can’t stand each other, and when my orientation is over, we'll go our separate ways. Good riddance.
Whispers and glares greet me at every turn, and the most popular girl has it out for me. My first night, she tries to kill me. Then, bloodied and bruised, I run into Bash. And this time, he actually seems to care...
He keeps looking at me with concern in his eyes while giving me this crooked smirk. Kind of makes me forget how irritating he is. Almost makes me forget all my problems.
But I can’t let myself get side-tracked by him. I won’t.
If I’m to survive the academy, I need to focus on staying alive. Unfortunately, that means relying on Bash—and he’s a distraction that could very well cost me everything.

My Thoughts…

I am a Stacy Claflin fan.   The Mermaid’s Song is a little different than her other books.   I felt like this was more YA than her other books but it still had that amazing paranormal twist.    

The underwater academy was interesting.  While it was a school for mermaids it still had the high school feel.   There was a hierarchy of students, the popular merfolk, the bad-boys, and those in between.    I could picture how the students would treat each other and how the teachers would treat each group.     Stacy Claflin had the characters make waves and stir things up by taking a couple first-years and putting them in with the upper classmates. 

The relationships between Marra and Bash was fun.  I like that it didn’t start as something that either of them wanted but the attraction was hard to deny.    They were total opposites in society but worked together perfectly in the academy setting.   

This is the start of a great series and I am excited to see what will come next.   

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