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Release Tour for Sweet Talk by Ashley Hastings

Release Tour for SWEET TALK by Ashley Hastings
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Based in her fictional town, Peacock, Mississippi, author Ashley Hastings brings you another
scorching hot romance, SWEET TALK. Casey is all work and no play while getting her bakery up
and running. Cade doesn’t do relationships, but what happens when the guy with the guarded
heart falls for the girl he can’t have? Fans of books featuring a virgin main character will devour
this light but sexy romance.

Casey is all work and no play. Since the death of the man who raised her, she’s thrown herself into
establishing her new bakery and doesn’t have time to waste on playful pursuits. She’s all business.

Cade doesn’t do relationships. As an attorney, he’s tasked with helping Casey fulfill her uncle’s dying
request. Too bad all he wants to do is sample her sweet treats.

What happens when the guy with the guarded heart falls for the girl he can’t have?

My Thoughts…

Sweet Talk is a quick and easy read.   I was looking for a book that I could meet characters I’d like, have a storyline that was easy to follow, and a love story that was sweet.   Sweet Talk is exactly what I was looking for.  

Casey and Cade were easy to like and quick to love.    Their story had its ups and down, there
were times I felt Casey forgave to easily but when you’re in love it is easier to forgive and move on to happier times.  I love how the uncle played his part in their romance and how sweet that was.    The letters were amazing and such a great addition to the story.   I found myself wrapped up in their story and unable to put it down.

Ashley Hastings is an author that I will be looking for more from.   Pick up your own copy of this book and meet some amazing characters and their wonderful love story.

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Excerpt from Sweet Talk 
Copyright @ Ashley Hastings 2019

Cade wiped his fingers on a napkin and took another big bite. I loved watching his obvious
pleasure in my baking. There was something so sensual about the way he enjoyed eating my

“I should be mad at you, you know.” He eyed the brownies in the display case with a hopeful
expression, so I got him another one and added it to his plate while he downed his glass of milk.
“Why would you be mad at me? I bake good brownies and have nice boobs, remember?”
I topped off his milk with a smile.

“That’s exactly why. I’m adding an extra two miles to my daily run to make up for all this good
eating, and I’ve been suffering from UHO’s for days.” He took another greedy bite of brownie.

“What is a UHO?” I frowned and put my chin in my hand, studying him. “Should I be worried?”

“An Unexpected Hard On.” Cade delivered that line with a perfectly straight face, but I snorted
with laughter and shook my head at him.

“Don’t laugh, missy. You try meeting with clients while having stray thoughts about the hot baker
girl down the street. Then deal with the fallout. I’ve had three meetings where I had to hold my
notepad in my lap to cover up the evidence.” He picked a brownie crumb off his shirt.

“I’m so sorry for your inconvenience.” I tried for a straight face to match his but failed miserably.

“Don’t be sorry. I know a good remedy for UHO’s. I’ll be soliciting your help with that at some
point.” He licked his lips in anticipation, and I shivered.

Cade noticed my shiver, and his grin got wider. “Now about karaoke night. It’s tonight, actually.”

“Really? I thought it was a weekend thing.” I took his empty plate and put it in the dishwasher.

“I think it usually is, but when I asked the manager at Maude’s about it, he said come tonight,
and he would get us set up. I’m noticing things are pretty informal at Maude’s.” He drank his milk
in three big swallows, and I watched his throat work with interest.

Why was that so sexy?

And it was even sexier when he came around the counter and rinsed his glass before placing it
in the dishwasher, too.

I appreciated a man with a sexy body, but one who knew how to clean up after himself? That’s
what really made me weak in the knees. At this rate, if he started washing dishes by hand, I might
have no choice but to strip naked for him.

Cade pulled me close and nuzzled my hair. I buried my nose in his chest and inhaled his manly
scent. And we stayed that way for several long minutes, just enjoying a full body hug.

This was bliss.

Ashley Hastings latest book is Sweet Talk. She writes new adult, romantic fiction with a dash of
suspense and a liberal sprinkling of humor. A lifelong Southerner, Ashley creates quirky characters in a
small-town setting. When she’s not busy plotting her next book, Ashley is collecting cats and planning
a future as a crazy cat lady.

Ashley’s favorite quote is "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door," by Milton Berle. She intends to
build all the doors.

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