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AUDIOBOOK REVIEW for Embracing Her Heart by Melissa Foster

Narrated by: Andi ArndtSebastian York
Length: 8 hrs and 26 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 05-30-18
Language: English
Publisher: Melissa Foster

Publisher's Summary

"Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" (New York Times best seller Lauren Blakely)

Welcome to Oak Falls, Virginia, home to horse farms, midnight rodeos, bookstores, coffee shops, and quaint restaurants where you’re greeted like family and treated like treasured guests. Buckle up for a wild ride. Like any Southern girls worth their salt, the sweet-talking, sharp-tongued Montgomery sisters can take men to their knees with one seductive glance or a single sugarcoated sentence. 

In Embracing Her Heart.... 

Leaving New York City and returning to her hometown to teach a screenplay writing class seems like just the break Grace Montgomery needs. Until her sisters wake her at 4:30 in the morning to watch the hottest guys in town train wild horses and she realizes that escaping her sisters’ drama-filled lives was a lot easier from hundreds of miles away. To make matters worse, she spots the one man she never wanted to see again - ruggedly handsome Reed Cross. 

Reed was one of Michigan’s leading historical preservation experts, but on the heels of catching his girlfriend in bed with his business partner, his uncle suffers a heart attack. Reed cuts all ties and returns home to Oak Falls to run his uncle’s business. A chance encounter with Grace, his first love, brings back memories he’s spent years trying to escape. 

Grace is bound and determined not to fall under Reed’s spell again - and Reed wants more than another taste of the woman he’s never forgotten. When a midnight party brings them together, passion ignites and old wounds are opened. Grace sets down the ground rules for the next three weeks. No touching, no kissing, and if she has it her way, no breathing, because every breath he takes steals her ability to think. But Reed has other ideas....



I am a huge audiobook fan.  I listen anytime I can, sneaking in a chapter every chance I can.  I have listened to all of Melissa Foster’s so far and this is the first with two narrators.   I wasn’t sure what I would think having two separate voices telling the story but I quickly fell into the story, loving the dual narrators, and enjoying being read to.    The dual narrators bring the characters to life with Andi reading mostly Grace’s story and Sebastian reading Reed’s story.  

Ebook Review…

I love second chance romances. Embracing Her Heart is the perfect example of why I love them. Grace and Reed were girlfriend/boyfriend in high school, although their relationship was kept a secret due to them going to rival schools. They parted not because they didn’t love each other but because the loved each other so much that they let each other go to find their own ways. Grace had dreams of going to the big city and directing, writing, and producing screenplays. Reed swore to never leave Oak Falls but ended up fleeing to Michigan to hide from his memories of Grace. Both characters followed their dreams, found their ways, and are living successful lives doing what they love. 

Fast forward 10 years… both Grace and Reed are back in Oak Falls and of course are not able to steer clear of each other. They also are not able to deny the sparks that are still sizzling between them. I love that Reed is the one that is not willing to let Grace hide from her feelings. He pushes her to talk about how she feels and what she wants. He also is the romantic one. He relives some memories, makes some that they couldn’t do together in high school, and helps makes so many new ones. He is definitely one romantic soul who proves that he will do anything to keep his Gracie happy and in his life. 

This is the first book in the Pleasant Hill-Oak Falls series. The Montgomery Family is featured in the story and I cannot wait for more from them. I love that the Braden Family is mentioned and know that they will be more prominent in future books in this series.

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