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Swan Song by Charlotte Wilson

Kindle Edition, 224 pages

Published September 12th 2017 by Heaven Afire

Word count: 67,000 (224 pages)
Genre: YA romance

When iconic ballerina Beatrice Duvall died, a nation mourned – and a legacy was born. Sixteen years later, her daughter Ava comes to London to take part in a high-profile tribute to Beatrice, and to learn about the mother she never knew.

There’s just one snag: the tribute is a ballet, Swan Lake. Which is infinitely painful for Ava, because she can’t dance. Won’t dance. Not since she quit the Royal Ballet School last year and walked away from everything that defined her.

But this is London, colourful and crazy, and with actor Seb at her side, there’s so much to discover. Like Theatreland razzmatazz and rooftop picnics and flamingo parties. And a whole load of truths Ava never knew about her mother – and herself.

When the time comes to take the stage, will Ava step out of the shadow cast by her mother’s pedestal? And who will be waiting for her there, in the bright lights?

My Thoughts…
I was so excited for another Charlotte Wilson book.  I knew before I even picked up the book that this would be a unique story different from her other releases and I couldn’t wait to jump into the story.   

The dancer storyline had my heart crying.     To have something be part of your soul for so long and then to walk away without looking back would be heart breaking.    The Swan Song is the story of Ava, daughter of renowned ballet dancer Beatrice DuVall.   Yet, Ava has chosen to stop dancing… in all forms, at all places.    I felt like there was a deep reason, something only she could choose to find out but it would take some bravery and a lot of heart to look into her heart and come to terms with the truth of choices.    

The romance part of the story between Seb and Ava was interesting.   There were many times I had to remind myself of their ages.   Maybe things are different in London but a 16 year old girl running around the town unaccompanied a lot of the time seems odd.   It made both Seb and Ava seem much older than they really were.   There was also a lot of time without any adult supervision, which in the world I live in could lead to trouble.      But the great part of this romance was how protective Seb was of Ava,  he kept tabs on her, accompanied her whenever he could, and spent a lot of time with her just listening to her vent her feelings.  

Swan Song is not a quick and easy read.  It is a book that will tug at your heart, open up your eyes to a life without a mother, and show how being strong for yourself can open your heart and eyes to a life you deserve to live.  

Thank you Charlotte Wilson for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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