Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Hunters: A Collection: Three Small Town Sweet Romances by Stacy Claflin

Three full-length sweet romance novels by a USA Today bestselling author.
Over 450 reviews on the individual titles.

She's hiding from danger. He's deeply wounded. Could they be exactly what the other needs?
Tiffany Saunders is on the run. When she winds up stranded in a seaside town, she wants nothing more than to forget her horrific past and kept moving. But a chance meeting with a handsome local changes everything.
Jake Hunter has some deep emotional scars and is trying to cope with running the family business. The last thing he wants is a relationship—until a mysterious brunette walks into his store and complicates it all.
Tiffany prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong—in her rear view mirror. But dark secrets cannot stay hidden forever. Just as the walls around Tiffany’s heart start to come down, the past catches up with her. Will true love be able to conquer all?

Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.
After years of hard work, architect Lana Summers just wants a relaxing vacation in the beach town of Kittle Falls. Instead, she suffers unexpected heart problems, and finds herself in the office of a gorgeous cardiologist—who only makes her heart work harder.
Brayden Hunter left his successful cardiology practice in Dallas to be closer to his aging parents. Focused on building a health care clinic in his hometown, he doesn’t want any distractions. However, the beautiful Lana is one he can’t seem to avoid.
As their attraction grows, they stumble upon a 160-year-old mystery. Brayden catches her adventurous spirit as they chase after answers, and he can’t help falling for her. But can he convince her to stay in the small beach town and with him?

Dream big. Dance often. Love completely.
Zachary Hunter is no stranger to rejection. After multiple failed efforts to get his novel published in New York, he’s counting on a trip home to turn his luck around.
Jasmine Blackwell has big dreams. She hopes her internship as a dance instructor in Kittle Falls will be the stepping stone she needs to achieve her lifelong goals.
After a chance meeting, neither Zachary nor Jasmine can deny their attraction. They fear their aspirations are too big to let a relationship tie them down. Can they have both love and the careers of their dreams?

Pick up the collection today to satisfy your craving for heartwarming romance and swoon-worthy heroes!

Meet all the Hunters:
SEASIDE HUNTERS - The California Hunters:
Seaside Surprises
Seaside Heartbeats
Seaside Dances
Seaside Kisses
Seaside Christmas

BAYSIDE HUNTERS - The Oregon Hunters:
Bayside Wishes
Bayside Evenings
Bayside Promises
Bayside Destinies (Coming Soon)
Bayside Dreams (Coming Soon)

My Thoughts on the Collection…

Oh My Gosh!  I love the Hunter MEN.     There are no boys in these stories.   There are hot, healthy, full blooded men.   They are sweet, loving, and so sexy.    Each Hunter brother meets his HEA (Happily Ever After) in a different way and at a time that isn’t necessarily convenient or a time when they are looking.     Yet, each steps up, puts their heart on the line, and offers their women the world.

I really enjoy that while each story is about a different brother yet the other brother’s show up in each other’s stories.   The bond between these brothers is unbreakable.   They stand up for each other, support each other, tease each other, but above all they love each other.    There is never a doubt that no matter what happens they are a family.  

Now onto the relationships…   They are sweet.    The men don’t NEED a woman but they aren’t blind to what is in front of them.     When the women who win the Hunter  Brother’s heart enter their man’s life there is never a doubt that the men will fall and love will prevail.  

Each book is a complete story with a HEA ending.   The best part of each story is seeing the men fall for their women and open their hearts to happiness.   

I recommend the entire Hunter Series.    They do not have to be read in order but once you read the first one you will want to help yourself to the rest of the series.  

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