Monday, October 10, 2016

Bayside Evenings (The Bayside Hunters #2) by Stacy Claflin

210 pages

She’s single and stuck. His relationship is going nowhere. Will the next wedding they plan… be their own?

Dakota Hunter is great at wedding planning but terrible at finding a guy. Each one she encounters is worse than the one before… until she meets Clay. There’s one teensy problem: her attractive new assistant has a long-term girlfriend.

Clay Harper is thrilled to land his new job with Dakota, surrounding himself with happy couples day in and day out. But when he sees true love in person, he realizes his own relationship is far less than happy. It doesn’t help that being around Dakota feels easy. It feels right.

As Dakota and Clay grow a deeper connection, Clay’s girlfriend refuses to go down without a fight. Can the wedding planners go from seeing happy couples… to being one?

My Thoughts…

Dakota, you are an interesting lady, running a wedding planning business and being so unlucky in love.    How can a woman who makes a living on love not find her own happy ending?     Just when she decides to give up Clay walks into her life.    

There were times I loved Dakota and times I wanted to smack her.     I loved how she was willing to open herself up to Clay and still keep herself in check.    She didn’t give in to the temptation and just sleep with Clay.   She pushed, pulled, and prodded to make sure that their relationship was real.  She kept her morals and made Clay work to be with her.   What I didn’t love… I know that she’s been burnt by relationships in the past but really???   Every time Clay was out of her sight she seemed to be questioning what he was doing.      I am a big believer that relationships are built on trust and it seemed Clay had to work 100 times harder than necessary to earn Dakota’s trust.   

Bayside Evenings is the second book in The Bayside Hunter’s series but can easily be read as a standalone.     I recommend checking out Stacy Claflin’s series.

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