Monday, October 15, 2018

REVIEW of Once Upon a Christmas: A Harper's Corner Series, Book Three by Christina George

Kindle Edition, 114 pages
Expected publication: October 8th 2018

Is it ever too late for happily ever after...?

Callahan is one of the hottest guys to move into Harper’s Corner in a long time, partly because he’s also a complete mystery.

He keeps to himself and leads a quiet life, rumors swirl around that he used to be in the military...but no one knows where he came from, or what brought him to their small town.

When Stevie’s parents have a health crisis, she’s forced to take leave from her very New York existence: including a high-powered job at a big publishing house and explosive sex life with her wealthy, handsome and appropriately pretentious boyfriend, to step in and ensure the preservation of the family’s longstanding bookstore.

With the first order of business being to fire Callahan, the unqualified shop assistant her dad hired.

Though as many women from Harper’s Corner can tell you, things change when you come back home.

So firing this attractive, brooding, secretive man turns out to be much harder than she originally planned…

And when his past comes back to challenge him, he can’t keep hiding from what happened.

I invite you to tuck into another Harper’s Corner story about finding love when you least expect it…once upon a time in a bookstore… 

My Thoughts…

Oh my, a book set in a bookstore in a small town.   PERFECT!    Add to that bookstore a sexy hot man who has a history that he doesn’t like to talk about.     Add to that a woman, the daughter of the owner, who is taking a break from her life in the big city to help her parents run the bookstore and to get away from a pompous jerk of a boyfriend.    Sounds like a romance waiting to happen. 

The small town setting was wonderful.   I could picture the beautiful displays in the small town shops at Christmas time as I walk down the sidewalk saying hi to all the townspeople as they pass by.   There is gossip shared, stories told, but mostly it’s just friendly chit-chat since everyone knows everyone.   This is exactly how I picture Harper’s Corner.       

The romance of Cal and Stevie is steamy.    From their first fiery meeting, the sparks are flying but it is slow going for the two of them to realize that there is more than just sparks between them.      I liked that they worked around each other, had conversations, flirted, and just spent time together while slowly realizing that there was more between them than just co-workers.   It was refreshing to read a story where the characters didn’t just jump into bed and each other.    They took the time to trust and respect each other.    

Christina George is an author that I always read.   From the beginning with her Publicist series (which is where Kate comes from) to the Harper Corner’s series I have never been disappointed and am always excited to see what is coming next.  
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