Friday, March 2, 2018

REVIEW of Girl Unknown by Karen Perry

Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: February 6th 2018 by Henry Holt and Co. 

'I think you might be my father . . .'

When first-year student Zoë Barry walks into Professor David Connolly's office and tentatively says these words, he is left reeling. But it is the lives of his family - particularly his wife Caroline - which are turned upside down by the arrival of this stranger.

A daughter, a sister, a friend . . . an enemy?

Though no one knows quite who Zoë is, she is soon entangled in their lives. Yet her stories don't ring true and Caroline is determined to learn if the girl is the unlucky innocent she claims to be or someone with a far darker agenda.

A deadly cuckoo in the nest . . . Because by letting Zoë in, David and Caroline aren't just leaving themselves vulnerable. They're risking the most precious thing in the world - the lives of their children . . . 

My Thoughts…

As I read Girl Unknown I knew there was more to the story.    There had to be a catch with Zoe.    I had so many guesses and loves trying to follow the clues.     Karen Perry threw so many twists and turns into the book that I knew the truth was buried in there somewhere.   

My struggle was David and Caroline.   Their marriage was troubled before Zoe entered the picture and when she came into their life it became even more troubled.    I didn’t like that David didn’t even consider Caroline’s concerns about Zoe.    He didn’t put any thought into them, didn’t try to understand where Caroline was coming from, and just brushed her off.   I got it, Zoe is his daughter he wants to love and trust her yet the signs were all there that she was trouble.  

The ending was the wonderful.    When I got to the last few chapters I could not stop reading.   The pace picked up, the secrets were shared, people were held accountable for their actions, and the final twist…never saw it coming.   

Thank you Marian Brown at Henry Holt and Company for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  

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