Tuesday, March 6, 2018

REVIEW of When Tomorrow Starts Without Me by Stacy Claflin

Kindle Edition, 349 pages
Published February 22nd 2018

He's on the road to fame. She's at the end of the line. A chance meeting will change everything.

Kenna Mitchell grew up despised and mistreated by those who should've loved and protected her. Now homeless and alone, with pain too heavy to bear, she's ready to end it all.

Enter Rogan Scott, an up-and-coming rock star with one focus—his band. Out in the woods, looking for song inspiration, he comes across a beautiful girl seconds from ending her life.

Rogan saves Kenna, only to face her anger. Intrigued by her reactions and motivations, he devotes himself to getting to know the real Kenna Mitchell. Turns out, she doesn't even know herself. Soon their tenuous friendship blossoms into love, and Rogan pulls her into his world of rock and roll. But his social circle proves as cruel as the one she left behind.

As everything spirals out of control, Kenna discovers a shocking secret about her past. With each new lie uncovered, she's gutted worse than before. She rallies every time—until she learns a painful detail she's certain she'll never recover from.

Can Rogan show Kenna that life is worth living, or will the merciless truths of her life convince her to finally end it all?

(This book contains sensitive subject matter.) 

My Thoughts…

While reading When Tomorrow Starts Without Me I had so many emotions.  I felt fear for Kenna’s choices, hope for Kenna when Rogan finds her, and anger for what Kenna has had to live with for her entire life.   

I am a HUGE fan of Stacy Claflin’s but this book was different for her.    There was still the tough subjects that she is known for, there was still the relatable characters that I come to expect in her books, but this story seemed more rushed.    I felt like these characters could have been more developed.   There seemed to be more to their story that wasn’t told.      Kenna seemed too accepting of Rogan’s help, too accepting of who she was, and just not cautious enough with what she had gone through.        This story just seemed to want to tell me more.  

With all that being said, I could not stop reading.   I was invested in Kenna and Rogan.   I wanted to know what happen to them.    Would Rogan make it big with his band?   Would Kenna be able to figure out the mystery of her past?   Most importantly would Rogan and Kenna be together?    

I recommend picking up your own copy of When Tomorrow Starts Without You and enjoying the story of Kenna and Rogan.   

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