Tuesday, March 27, 2018

REVIEW of Gorgeous: Book Two by Lisa Shelby

Title: Gorgeous: Book Two
Series: The Gorgeous Duet
Author: Lisa Shelby
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2018

Ronan was the knight in shining armor she had never dreamed of or needed, and Olivia was the color in his cold gray life.
He loved her sass, and much to her surprise, she didn't mind when he took control.
They shared a moon.
They were meant to be.
Until the nightmares of their pasts rock their newfound happiness putting the magic they share to the test.
They’ll soon discover if they have what it takes to fight their way back to each other. To share their moon, once again.
(18+ for adult themes.)

My Thoughts…

Sigh, PERFECT!   That is the one word description of the second book in The Gorgeous Duet series.    While Ronan and Olivia were perfect for each other in the first book, the second one is even better.    Book two starts out exactly where book one ended.    Ronan has left Olivia, having his assistant break up with her.   Of course, she is heartbroken, devastated, almost unable to put one foot in front of the other.   

I have to stay that I had no doubt that they belonged together, they would find their way back to each other, and have steamy, hot fun again.   The love, trust, and every other emotion I can think of was evident in every look, every touch, and every word between these two.     There are some people who just pass through each other’s lives, leaving it better or worse, but Ronan and Olivia had to be together.   I felt that their hearts would stop beating without the other.   

The Gorgeous Duet is a series that has to be read in order.    The good news… book one and book two are available right now.   Go get them both.   They have to be read, they have to be devoured, and they will make your heart break and fill with love.   

(Gorgeous: Book Two is the conclusion to the steamy, adult contemporary romance novel that made you blush and swoon.)

Lisa Shelby is an ever-so hopeless romantic and self-professed love geek. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and proud to call Oregon home. It’s here that she reside’s with her husband, son and two fur baby dogs. Reading has been her obsession and writing had been her secret passion. It was that passion that led her on my journey to write a book for her husband. What began as a gift turned into an inspiration of love and the desire to share that love with everyone. With the encouragement of her husband and the support of her family and friends, she began her journey and published her debut novel, “You & Me” in September 2016. This March, she will have five published works under her belt, and she cannot wait to share her Gorgeous Duet with the world!


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