Wednesday, March 28, 2018

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY of Play for Keeps by Maggie Wells

Series: Love Games, #2
Pub Date: April 3, 2018
Genre: Contemporary

Mixing business and pleasure is a dangerous game…

Tyrell Ransom, the new men’s basketball coach, is ready to whip his team into shape and start winning some games. But when compromising photos of his soon-to-be-ex-wife with one of his players go viral, everything comes crashing down. With reporters thick on the ground, Ty and his team need some serious damage control—now.

When public relations guru Millie Jenkins arrives in her leopard-print cape to save the day, things really heat up... Soon they’re going to have to work double time to keep their white-hot chemistry out of the headlines.

My Thoughts…

Play for Keeps is my first Maggie Wells book.    Within the story of Ty and Millie’s relationship there were numerous sub stories.  

The story of Millie’s history with men and how it causes her to put a “time limit” on each relationship so she doesn’t get hurt and knows when to walk away was odd.   I had a hard time connecting with Millie.   She was in charge, all the time, and didn’t bend to fit into Ty’s life.      She pushed and pushed and pushed at him and I felt her lucky that he didn’t just give up on her to move on with her life.    I will say that I liked that when she was in your corner there was nothing she wouldn’t do to help you out.

Ty’s story of his ex-wife was typical.     Marries a young, cute college girl…he gets older… she finds a younger guy.   This time the younger guy was one of her husband’s basketball players.    There are a couple other twists to their story but it was the typical story.     I was not surprised by much with Ty.     Other than his willingness to put up with Millie’s attitude he was the normal ex-husband.   

I wanted to get into this story, I wanted to connect to the characters but I just couldn’t do it.    This story was also pretty erotic, which is okay, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  

As with every book there are people who will love this book, I just wasn’t that person.    

By day, Maggie Wells is buried in spreadsheets. At night she pens tales of people tangling up the sheets. The product of a charming rogue and a shameless flirt, you only have to scratch the surface of this mild-mannered married lady to find a naughty streak a mile wide. She has a passion for college football, processed cheese foods, and happy endings. Not necessarily in that order. She lives in Arkansas.

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