Monday, June 1, 2015

Justice for All (The Rawley Family #2) by Olivia Hardin

Published March 30th, 2015

Sometimes the road you're on is just a detour to your heart's destination...

Kay Rawley has plans. She might be the second child of an earl, but she wants a life away from her father's estate in New Durma. She wants a life apart from her family's name. Becoming a lawyer was a bright, shiny object she just couldn't resist grabbing. Her classes are complete, and all she has to do is pass the bar to get permanent employment at the Dallas law firm where she's been interning for the past year.

Kay's been on Audrick Van Buren's radar since the day she walked into his classroom two years ago. That admiration only grew when she came to work for his firm. But if there's anything he recognizes, it's a woman who's driven--and Kay is definitely one. It's all he can do to keep his distance and allow her the chance to come into her own. What Van doesn't know is that someone else is watching Kay, too, and if he doesn't step between them, that person might not only derail her career but threaten her very life.

Things aren't always what they seem, and Kay's about to learn that the best laid plans are so much better when they go astray.

My Thoughts…

I loved the first book in this series and was so excited when Olivia asked me to review this one.    I couldn’t wait to know what was happening with the Rawley Family.    Justice for All continued where All for Hope left off.  

Kay had continued on with her life and was heading towards success due to her earning it, not on who she was.    The relationship between Van and Kay was the main part of this story and I could not get enough.   Perhaps it was due to the teacher/student or boss/employee relationship but I was anxious to know how this ended.    When things started happening there was no slowing them down.    I could not get enough. 

While this could have been just a happy love story, Olivia threw in the twist of Kay’s neighbor.    I thought he was an interesting character and was not entirely surprised at where his story went.   When a story has a twist like that it adds so much more to the main characters. 
I wish there was more of Kay’s family in this story.   I would love to know how Michelle/Hope’s story is going and what is happening with them.  There has to be more coming in this series and I cannot wait to read it. 

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