Friday, June 12, 2015

Dean’s List by Stacy Claflin

Publish Date May 7, 2015

Lydia Harris thinks her marriage to Dean has problems. When she finds a box of news clippings her husband took great pains to conceal, however, the problems go from disappointing to dangerous. The articles report about killings nation-wide... in cities where he has traveled. She doesn't want to believe him capable of such violence, so she searches for clues to explain the hidden clippings.

As the growing evidence points to his guilt, Dean starts to act like the loving husband he once was, confusing Lydia. She must look past her love for him to uncover the truth, whatever the cost. Or she could end up next on his list. 

My Thoughts…

Have you ever read a series then thought about what had happen with the other characters in the book?   The friends of the main characters, the people who were supportive of the other characters, or the ones that seemed sneaky.   Dean’s List is the follow up to the Gone series by Stacy Claflin.   You do not have to read the Gone series to enjoy Dean’s List, but of course more of the book will make sense and the characters will be more familiar.    

Dean and Lydia’s marriage is on the rocks; actually they don’t even have a real marriage.    I cannot imagine living Lydia’s life, even her life before she found those news clippings.    Being scared of your husband, having to be the perfect wife, having the perfect house, it would be a nightmare.    
Even worse is the fear of leaving your husband and the fact that he would never let you leave.   Lydia was someone I wanted to help.   I wanted to go to her, take her away, save her from the life she was living.    Then she found the clippings, it made her life even worse.    She had to keep her life a secret, pretend that all was well.    It had to be one of the toughest positions for a woman to be in.    

This entire series of books is not easy.   There are a lot of extremely tough subjects covered in their pages.   Stacy Claflin is amazing.   She handles the stories with care, grace, and white gloves.   There is no candy coating the stories and characters, she lays it out there, telling it how it really is.    These are stories that will stay with you, characters that you will not forget.   I certainly recommend checking out this entire series, or start with Dean’s List and go from there.  

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