Thursday, June 4, 2015

Winging It by Christine S. Feldman

Published May 20, 2015 by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Up until now, straitlaced Simon Kirkendale has done an admirable job of keeping his high society mother’s demands for grandbabies at bay, but lately she’s kicked things into high gear. So he isn’t too disappointed to delay her latest matchmaking attempt when a pretty stranger hops into the backseat of his car en route to one of his mother’s dinner parties and tells him to drive. A car-jacking? Nope. More like a bird on the run, but this particular bird happens to be a parrot who has slipped its cage, and Simon’s new acquaintance desperately needs to get it back before she loses sight of it altogether.

Ever the nice guy—and okay, maybe also a little intrigued by the colorful Miss Juleen Pruitt’s sudden appearance in his car—Simon hits the gas pedal and obliges only to find himself unwittingly dragged into a wild goose chase around town for a bird who seems to be determined to either get itself killed or the two people trying to catch it. Simon’s money is on the latter.

But it turns out that a little disruption and chaos in his life might just be what Simon needs most—especially if it comes in the form of Juleen.

If he can just manage to survive meeting her…

My Thoughts….

Winging It is a very cute fun, and short read.    This is a quick read that will have you laughing out loud.   Many times throughout the story I laughed or smiled at all the fun Juleen and Simon were having chasing Frankie around the city.     The trouble, the drama, and the problems they had together had me thoroughly enjoying the entire book.   

Even though this is a short story, it was a complete story.    It had characters that were relatable, a storyline that was developed, and an ending that won me over.   I started the book and kept reading…. Through the entire night.    I did not want to stop nor did I want the story to finish.
I am a fan of Christine S. Feldman.    Her short stories have become my favorites, especially when I am looking for a quick and easy read.    I definitely recommend checking out Winging It.  

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