Thursday, December 18, 2014

Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day by Susan Newman, PhD w/ GIVEAWAY

Published September 17, 2014 by Iron Gate Press

“Little Things Long Remembered,” updated for today’s time-strapped families, offers hundreds of ways to create treasured childhood rituals. Chock full of thoughtful and loving ideas that mean a lot—especially to children.

Chapters are divided into convenient timeframes: Gestures to strengthen family ties that take seconds, activities when you have five minutes, half an hour, or the entire weekend. Plus special circumstance suggestions for when your child is not feeling well or when you travel, for birthdays, major and minor holidays--including a set of Cardinal Rules to insure whatever you do is fun, builds character and celebrates your family.

Small parcels of time well spent shape long-lasting memories that are the backbone of family unity...and the glue that holds families together. Every single day offers fertile ground for creating positive recollections. Dig in to find “little things” that will inspire loving remembrances of growing up...and of you.

My Thoughts…

This is a cute short story, not really a story more a list of great ideas that every family, parent, or grandparent should check out for their children/grandchildren.    I always pride myself on being involved with my child, making time for them, and being their biggest supporter.   This book opened my eyes to things I may have missed and things I should try.  I loved all the great suggestions that are appropriate for younger children and for older children.   I found this an easy book to page through and pick up implement ideas with my family.    I am sure many great memories will be made with my family thanks to Little Things Long Remembered.   

Susan Newman, PhD wrote a great resource to first time parents or larger families.   There is something in here for every income, most of the ideas are free or extremely low cost.   There is also something for every family based on their interests and capabilities.  

Author's Bio:

Susan Newman, a social psychologist, specializes in child development and family dynamics and has been named one of the 100 Top Psychologists to Follow on Twitter as well as one of 25 Parenting Educators to follow. She has been blogging for Psychology Todaymagazine about parenting and issues related to raising children for over six years:

She has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, and her work has been feature on NPR and major leading newspapers and magazines.

Connect with Susan:  Website  ~  Facebook  ~ Twitter

Where to buy the book:

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