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By The Sound of the Crow by Susan Allison-Dean & GIVEAWAY

I Know You’re There #2
Published November 12, 2014 by Sea and Farm

Jill Bradley Cooper never forgot the orphaned baby girl after the tragic accident that she was involved in years ago. As fall is celebrated in 2012, and the anniversary nears, she is haunted by the sad memories yet again. The riptide of life has pulled Jill out to the sea of busyness and distraction for years: marriage, a new home, raising two girls and changing her job to become a school nurse. This harvest season, however, the guilt inside her insists on being soothed. Jill decides the only way to do this is to find that orphan.

Thirteen-year old Amanda Cooper, Jill’s daughter, is wrestling with her own troubles. Having dyslexia and not being good at sports is preventing her from feeling normal at school. When Amanda is the first to discover a dolphin in distress in the Hudson River, several miles north of New York City, she has no idea how it will change her life.

My Thoughts…

I read I Know You’re There and could not wait for the next book in this series.  When Susan Allison-Dean contacted me asking if I was interested I jumped at the chance to get my hands on the next book in this series.   When a book makes you feel good reading it you know you want more.   That is entirely what both books in this series do.   

Jill is a character that I thought about long after I finished the first book.  I am excited to see that her life has been good.  She has kids, a husband, and an overall good life.   Yet, she still has nightmares of what happen so long ago.    I get that.   How do you get past killing two people and leaving a child parentless, even if it was an accident?  She needs to meet Samantha and know that she is okay.  I cannot imagine the internal struggles she went through with whether to meet Samantha and if it would do more harm than good.    The fact that she knew she needed help and went about getting it made her a strong person.  

The setting in this book was amazing.  I love the island.  I could picture the flamingos, Sharky, and the girls snorkeling.    I was so engrossed in this book, I was up way past my bedtime and didn’t even mind.   I recommend this book for anyone looking for a feel good, family time story that will leave you thinking about it for a while after you finish. 

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