Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Destiny Disrupted (spellbound #5) By Sherry Soule

Published November 20, 2014 by Disenchanted Publishing

Hunting Demons is One Thing…Dating Them is Another.
Life sucks for Shiloh Trudell. And being a demon hunter who’s in love with a cocky half-demon makes things even suckier.
Especially when she discovers that Trent, her sinfully hot boyfriend, is hiding a few dangerous secrets. Like the fact that he’s losing his humanity.
To complicate matters, witches from the local coven are mysteriously turning up dead, and as Shiloh searches for answers, she confronts her worst nightmare…Trent is being blackmailed into becoming the next leader of the Underworld.
But Shiloh is still convinced that she can save him, even after the impossibly gorgeous, fallen angel Raze tells her that a relationship with Trent is forbidden now. Warned to stay away from the only boy she’s ever loved, she can’t ignore thesizzling attraction that ignites whenever they’re around one another. Especially after a swoon-inducing night of stolenpassion.
As Shiloh’s world begins to unravel around her, it soon becomes obvious that her destiny lies in one of two choices: vanquish Trent or join him in the Underworld.
My Thoughts…
I am not even sure I can convey how much I love Sherry Soule and this series.    These are young adult paranormal stories  that as an adult I could not get enough of. 
Shiloh is a great character with a messed up life.   She is sixteen and should be enjoying life as a teenager, but has to deal with demons, fairies, and other witches.   I felt sorry for all the hoops she has to jump through just to get through a day in her life.   She also has the most amazing friends a teenager can ask for.    Trent and Ari have her back at every turn and her mentor, Evans, supports her more than anyone else.   
The relationship between Trent and Shiloh is steamy, especially for being such young love.   There were times that I wish (as a mother) they had more adult supervision, it may have saved some of the fighting, but they were definitely more mature than their age.  I also wish that Shiloh had stood up for herself a little more with Trent.  All he had to do was kiss her or touch her and she melted and went along with whatever he was suggesting.     Maybe that is a teenage girl thing.   
I started with book one and have anxiously been waiting for each of the other books to be released.    Destiny Disrupted is book five of this series and is my favorite so far.    They play like a movie in my mind, with the great descriptions of the characters and the scenery.    I cannot recommend this series enough… start with book one and read the entire series and you will not be disappointed. 
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