Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rich Love by Zoe Adams

Published October 17 2014 by Createspace

Susanna Marston was educated, married, and widowed young. After the tragic death of her husband she leaves all she knows and heads for the one place that brings her comfort...her family ranch. Her plans take an unexpected turn, however, when she finds him lying in the middle of the road after a late night motorcycle accident. Royce Blackwater is wealthy, charming, and has yet to cross paths with a women who doesn't throw herself at him. So when Susanna's first instinct is to blow him off, Royce will stop at nothing to win her affection. He goes out of his way to buy a neighbor's property, and an abandoned goldmine, just to keep Suzanna within his reach. Then opportunity strikes. Susanna falls helpless due to a life threating rattlesnake bite, and Royce is there to sweep her off her feet. Will Susanna and Royce be able to find a balance between city and country life? Or will their two worlds push them apart as quickly as they were pushed together?

My Thoughts…

What girl doesn’t dream of being swept away by a rich millionaire and having to never have to work again?   Susanna doesn’t.   She has been widowed and escaped her life by going to her family ranch.  She is happy with her life in the prairie.   I felt like Susanna had left everything she once knew to live a life of loneliness, how sad.  Then she meets Royce.  Just the name screams money.    Royce opens her eyes to all that she could have but he does it in such a non-threatening way.  He does not push his ways on to her.  He gentle shows her what money can buy and what they can do with money.   I love that he takes her life into consideration before he makes purchases or takes her somewhere.   He understands that flashy is not what Susanna has grown up with or wants.    

There were times that I wanted to see Royce be more personable.   He seemed standoffish at times, but I do believe that it was due to his upbringing and his wealth.  He kept Susanna so protected and to himself that I felt like he was smothering her.    But…that did seem to work for them and they fell in love, a true love.     Susanna went from being an independent rancher to someone who didn’t even pick out her own clothes.   I wish she would have stood up against Royce now and then, just to add some spark and confrontation to their relationship.   

This was a fun book to read.    There were good parts that kept me reading.   There were some things I wish had been different, but I enjoyed reading Rich Love.

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