Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Spotlight for EFFIE OLSEN’S SUMMER SPECIAL by Rochelle Bilow

Effie Olsen's Summer Special by Rochelle Bilow

Published April 30, 2024 by Berkley

About the Book

In EFFIE OLSEN’S SUMMER SPECIAL, after years of travelling from one far-flung location to another as a professional chef, Effie Olsen is returning home disgraced after being fired from her dream job. She plans to spend one summer and one summer only in her childhood home to recuperate from her losses. Luckily for Effie, the Alder Isle is home to Brown Butter, one of the best restaurants in the country—and they’re in need of a sous chef. Effie is eager to prove herself after her last job went up in flames, but maintains that the tiny island is the last place she wants to set down roots.


Until she runs into Ernie Callahan, the childhood best friend whose heart she broke on their high school graduation. And who just so happens to work at Brown Butter. Effie always knew that Alder Isle wasn’t big enough for her dreams, and back then, not even Ernie’s profession of love was enough to make her stay. But now, as Effie and Ernie slowly rekindle their friendship through early morning swims, late-night games of truth or dare, and more-than-friendly texts, Effie is reminded of what she’s missed while travelling the world.


Effie is prepared to enjoy one last idyllic summer in Alder Isle with Ernie, but a secret at Brown Butter threatens to ruin everything. When a reporter starts sniffing around, Effie will have to decide what she truly wants—to stay home or move on to the next adventure. As summer comes to an end, she realizes a second chance at her dream job and the perfect guy are both within reach, but can she be satisfied in the salty seaside town she once called home?


About the Author

Rochelle Bilow is a food and romance writer who previously worked as the social media manager at Bon Appétit and Cooking Light magazines. A graduate of The French Culinary Institute, she has held just about every job in the food industry. Her first book, The Call of the Farm, a swoony farming memoir, was published in 2014. Ruby Spencer’s Whisky Year (2023) was her debut romance. Raised in Syracuse, New York, Rochelle now lives in northern Vermont. Learn more online at www.rochellebilowwriting.com.



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