Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Review for Breathe the Sky by Michelle Hazen

Breathe the Sky by Michelle Hazen 

publication: August 18th 2020 by Berkley Books: Penguin Random House

Two strangers start out saving animals and end up rescuing each other in this heartwarming romance from the author of Unbreak Me. 

Mari Tucker is a wildlife biologist who scoops bunnies and endangered tortoises out of harm’s way on construction sites. Still haunted by her past, she takes the most remote jobs in the Mojave Desert to avoid people and hide from her ex. It’s a simple, quiet life filled with sweet animals and solar-powered baking until she ends up assigned to Jack Wyatt’s crew.

Construction foreman Jack Wyatt’s loud, foul-mouthed temper keeps even the most rugged of men on his crew in line. No mistake is overlooked, because out in the desert it could mean life or death. In his opinion, the job site is no place for sensitive biologists, especially one as shy as Mari. But instead of wilting from the heat and hard work, Mari wins over Jack and his crew one homemade brownie at a time.

Jack and Mari find a comfortable rhythm, building a friendship that’s rare for both of them. After Jack’s rocky childhood, they have more in common than they’d imagined. But even the Mojave sun can’t chase away the shadows when the past is determined to track them down… 

Jack and Mari circled each other so much.  Jack was a jerk; Mari was scared of becoming close with anyone, yet they were drawn together without much chance of fighting it.   Mari calmed Jack and Jack allowed Mari to let down the walls she had built.   

Breathe the Sky is not a new story to tell.  I have read versions of it before but this one was sweeter, more friendly, and fun to read.    Both characters had histories, both characters had been hurt, and both were not looking for a relationship.   Together they work and together they learn to live and love again.  

Michelle Hazen wrote a fun story to read.  It was easy to read and quick to read.   If you are looking for a book with a cute story, tough characters, and characters opening their hearts again check out Breathe the Sky. 

**Thank you Dache Rogers at Berkley and NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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