Thursday, September 19, 2019

Review for Right for Me by Cindy Dorminy

ebook, 291 pages
Published August 13th 2019 by Red Adept Publishing

Shelby Williams has never had a boyfriend worthy of her parents’ approval. The ones she dated were either not rich enough, not well bred enough, or just not good enough. Her luck changes when she meets Tommy Edwards. With an IQ of about a billion, a sexy smile, and a personality as sweet as the treats he bakes, he’s a guy even her parents will have to accept.

Between the pressure of graduate school and a needy ex-girlfriend, Tommy Edwards has had enough stress to last a lifetime. But when he meets Shelby, his plans to stay unattached go up in smoke. Shelby makes him laugh, and the passion she stirs in him is hotter than an oven. She’s the only girl he’s ever met who likes him for who he is rather than just for his intelligence.

When Shelby’s parents take a shine to Tommy, she blurts out that they are engaged, even though they’ve only been dating for three weeks. Tommy is furious, but before she can set everyone straight, both families go into full-blown nuptial mode, including hiring a wedding planner and shopping for a dress. Tommy and Shelby need to figure out how to tell their families the engagement was fake without ruining what’s real.

My Thoughts

A fake engagement just to make her parents happy brings Shelby and Tommy together.   Of course, it isn’t that easy.    Feelings develop, trust is earned, and love grows as these two try to maintain a relationship without lying to everyone who is important to them. 

I enjoyed how different these two were raised yet they both turned out with amazing hearts, wonderful lives, and the ability to love each other.   Tommy’s baking had my stomach growling many times.    Shelby’s love for Tommy had me swooning.  

Cindy Dorminy wrote a book that pulled me in, introduced me to some wonderful families, and kept me turning page after page.   I recommend picking up your own copy and falling into this amazing story.
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