Monday, August 14, 2017

Single-Minded by Lisa Daily

Hardcover, 304 pages
Expected publication: June 27th 2017 by Thomas Dunne Books
Alex has planned and executed her life with laser focus since she first met her future husband at the play-doh table on the first day of kindergarten. They have a terrific life, a gorgeous house on the bay, and fantastic careers they love. There's only one problem: Alex's husband Michael is gay, a fact he neglected to mention in the 23 years since they first met.

Now, Alex's perfectly planned life has completely fallen apart, her biological clock is starting to feel like the timer on a nuclear device, and she finds herself drooling over her completely-dreamy-but-definitely-off-limits client, a star chef opening a hot new restaurant. Armed with dating guidance from her oddball collection of advisers including her gay ex-husband, a foul-mouthed political consultant, a perkily masochistic yogi, and a pot-smoking octogenarian Alex navigates the booby-trapped world of modern dating, in her search for a second chance at love.

My Thoughts…

Single-Minded is an emotional book.    A woman, Alex, marries the love of her life since kindergarten then finds out he is gay.      A divorce and getting back into the dating world are all a lot to handle.   Much less her friends telling her she has to date the Naughty Nine, 9 guys to sleep with before she finds Mr. Right, it is no wonder that she is overwhelmed in life.   

While there are a lot of different emotions in the book it is also funny and enjoyable.    I love how quick her friends are to jump to help her no matter the situation she finds herself in.   Darcy always seems to have the most crazy ideas and never fails to share them and pull the rest of Alex’s friends, including her ex-husband, into the schemes.  

This is a book that threw me back on my heals a couple times with the emotions that rocked Alex and then in the next paragraph I was giggling at the men she met, the way her friends were acting, or just her life in general.   I enjoyed every page of Single-Minded and recommend picking up your own copy.

Thank you Jessica Lawrence and Kristopher Kam at St. Martin’s Press for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.  

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Lisa Daily can tell you why he didn’t call, the color you should never wear on a first date, and even where to snoop for evidence if you think your guy’s been fooling around.  Millions read her dating advice column or tune in to see her every week on Daytime, and the early buzz on her debut novel Fifteen Minutes of Shame says it pops with the same signature quirky humor and fresh, irreverent voice that made her dating advice book,
Stop Getting Dumped! a bestseller.
Women from 16-60 flock to Lisa’s popular Dream Girl Academy at the Learning Annex in New York City and events across the US.  Lisa is a dating coach, speaker and popular media guest  -- she has done more than 2000 interviews on top radio and television shows, including iVillage Live, MTV Live, Entertainment Tonight  and top UK national morning show, This Morning, and she appears as a real-life dating expert on the HITCH movie DVD starring Will Smith.  A frequent source for reporters, Lisa has been quoted in hundreds of publications, from the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Christian Science Monitor and US Weekly Magazine.

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