Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Release Boost for Freedom to Rarity by Patricia Hoving

Title: Freedom to Rarity
Series: Order of the Remfrey #1
Author: Patricia Hoving
Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance
Release Date: February 28, 2017
eBook Design: Triumph Book 
Covers Paperback Design: KreationsK

Katsi Rae Cataldi hoards her freedom like stray dogs hoard their food. And in 16th century Italy, Katsi struggles to come to terms with the world and her place in it. But fate will make that decision for her.
When the Queen of Eulius beloved by her people and hated by the aristocracy waiting to take her place suffers a deadly blow. It will have far-reaching consequences for her family. And Katsi Rae Cataldi will find herself, the one person seeking the truth. She will fight for her honor and family name even if that means going up against a witch and her monstrous creatures. Luckily for her, she has a trick up her sleeve in the form of an ally, Princess Rhea Von Holt.
Yet she finds herself pushing her priorities aside with one smile from the charming princess. To the point where she’s not sure who she should be saving, herself, Rhea, or her family?
To get things back on track, she may have to reveal her biggest secret. She’s not the man she’s pretending to be. But will that do more harm than good? When matters of the heart are involved.
An interracial romance that leaves you with a healthy dose of love, adventure, and magic.
Disclaimer: Some LGBTQ themes.


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