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Guarded by the Alpha by Holly Eastman

Kindle Edition
Published October 24th 2016
Puma shifter, Del Santoni, has lived her entire life as the heir to a decades’ old feud with the Armsford family—a struggle that ended in the death of her own father years ago. Since then, both sides have done nothing but fight and grapple for social power—and Del’s sick of it. She’s willing to do anything to end the war—even if it means dethroning her own family. 

Del begins a secret mission to recover the Maker’s Mark. If legend is true, its symbols will reveal the name of the one true ruling family. When the statue is found and someone threatens Del’s life in order to steal it, Del is forced to accept the help and protection of her greatest enemy. He is the most stubborn, infuriating werewolf she’s ever laid eyes on. He also happens to be her fated mate. Throw in a sassy human car thief who won’t leave her alone, a marriage hoax, and tattooed coyote shifters trying to kill her at every rest stop...if she survives the week, it’ll be a miracle.

Wolf shifter Zak Armsford has never been accused of being a good guy – but being good doesn’t get the job done. Mislabeled and misunderstood, he left Fort Jericho years ago and joined the military to put his bad rep to good use. Now that he’s a free man, he’s not exactly white collar material. So when his friend from Shifters, Inc calls with a protection detail, Zak is just hungry enough for some action to say yes.

Turns out his assignment offers plenty of action. Zak discovers he’s been hired to protect the Princess of Fort Jericho herself. Del Santoni—his greatest enemy and his childhood crush all in one. Zak can’t walk away a second time. To keep Del alive and the statue safe, he’ll ruthlessly use his supernatural strength, his connections, and Del’s own secrets against her.

On the run, Del struggles with the truth. Is Zak her Fated Mate – or her mortal enemy? Because it’s not just Del’s heart that’s at risk – it’s her life.

STANDALONE Shifter Romance with a HEA!

This is a Shifters, Inc story. Read more Shifters, Inc books from Georgette St Clair.

My Thoughts…

Shifters, a decade old feud, and long time crushes…. Sounds like the perfect shifter book.   Holly Eastman including everything a shifter book must have to be considered good in my opinion.   

The feud between Del and Zak’s families is so old that it is amazing that people still remember what the feud is about.   I love Del’s determination to end the feud no matter what the outcome is.    While she is the Princess of Fort Jericho she is not afraid to fight for what she believes and do what needs to be done to get the results she needs to put her world right again.

Zak, retired military, is looking for something.    His life has not been easy and when Shifters, Inc. call him for a job he never dreams it will lead him to his childhood crush and enemy.   I like that he was strong and sure enough of himself not to walk away from an uncomfortable situation and took his job seriously.   

The sparks between these two, the attraction, is so obvious.   There is no doubt that they belong together.     I was hopeful that they would be able to get past their family feud and find a way to be together.    

I love the ending.   Holly Eastman did an amazing job with this shifter story and I cannot wait for more.  

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