Thursday, October 6, 2016

How Meg West Was Won by Libby Mercer

Published September 14th 2016
Whoever heard of a white knight showing up in a pair of old, scuffed cowboy boots?

She may be smart as a whip, but Meg West's co-op is in a heap of financial trouble. When sexy and rugged cattle rancher, Dutch Hargrave, makes her a job offer, the vegetarian California girl can't afford to refuse. And quite frankly, she hasn’t got the strength to turn down a man with a slow, Texan drawl that makes her toes curl.

Enlisting the help of the feisty bombshell is the answer to Dutch's prayers—and his fantasies. Meg has the professional know-how to help lead his ranch into the 21st Century.

Before long, Meg and Dutch are as busy as a stump-tailed bull in fly season, working around the clock trying to preserve Dutch's heritage. But while the grueling work brings them closer together, the heat on the ranch starts to rise. Will Dutch find a way to win over Meg West while saving his family's farm?

My Thoughts…

Vegetarian Meg and Rancher Dutch are truly opposites.     The saying opposites attract has never been truer than with these two.     They meet, Dutch offers Meg a job, Meg takes job and moves to Texas for a few months.    Any contemporary romance reader can see where this story is going, I know I could.    The unknown part is how they would get there.    The unknown part is where the fun comes in.  

The setting of the ranch is wonderful.    I enjoyed the tour that Dutch gave Meg and could picture how the ranch was laid out.  With the pens for weaning the calves, the mother cows leaning over the railing checking on their babies, the ranchers hanging out or working, the porch (both front and back) of the main house were all real to me.     Libby Mercer did a great job describing what the characters were seeing, down, and where they were. 

This is not my first Libby Mercer book and I hope it won’t be my last.    How Meg West was Won is a get contemporary romance story.   I recommend picking up your own copy.  

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